Meet the Cast of ‘The World Goes ‘Round’ at Creative Cauldron: Part 2: Carli Smith

In a series of interviews with the cast of The World Goes ‘Round at Creative Cauldron, meet Carli Smith.

Joel: Tell our readers where they may have seen you perform on our local stages in the past year.

Carli Smith.

Carli Smith.

Carli: They may have seen me in Milburn Stone Theatre’s Tarzan the Stage Musical (Jane), DCT’s 9 to 5 (Doralee), and in Charm City Players’ Legally Blonde the Musical (Elle Woods).

Have you ever appeared in another production of The World Goes ‘Round? 

This is my first time!

How would you describe a John Kander and Fred Ebb song? What did you learn about Kander and Ebb and their music that you didn’t know before you were cast in this production? 

Every Kander and Ebb song tells its own wonderfully unique and beautiful story. They all carry so much meaning, even out of context of the shows they were originally written for. I’ve learned that each song’s title is usually the opposite of what the song actually means. Not only are the melodies catchy and lovely, the lyrics are very relevant and relatable.

What song is your favorite in the show that you sing and why?

Definitely “Cabaret”..Of course, everyone has heard the song, but it has been masterfully rearranged for this production. While it seemed as though it would have been our most challenging song as a cast, it eventually turned into a delightful song to sing, and I think it’s a great treat for the audience.

What song that someone else sings is your favorite and why? 

This is tough, but I’m going to have to say Katie’s “My Coloring Book.” This song is so beautiful and I think every audience member can somehow relate to it. Plus Katie executes it perfectly.

What was the best advice and suggestions that your director and music director gave you on performing your solo and songs? 

Oh gosh. Where do I start?! Matt and Steve both provided me with a wealth of valuable feedback. I think the best, though is just to remember to let the music speak for itself, and to stop trying so hard. We’ve been so fortunate to be provided with some of the best music ever written, and that is a true gift.

What were some of the challenges and joys you had in rehearsals? 

A definite challenge was learning this entire show in less than three weeks. The musical arrangements proved to be tricky, especially those including intricate 5-part harmonies. However, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with such an incredibly talented, fun and caring cast and production staff.

Carolyn Burke, Jordan DeBona, Harv Lester, Katie McManus, and Carli Smith. Photo by Keith Waters, Kx Photography.

Carolyn Burke, Jordan DeBona, Harv Lester, Katie McManus, and Carli Smith. Photo by Keith Waters, Kx Photography.

How does the performance space at Creative Cauldron contribute to the production? 

The performance Space at Creative Cauldron is unique as it is so intimate. The audience really is on the same level as the actors, and I think that is such a cool experience for both the performers and the audience. We are all on this journey together.

What do you want audiences to take with them after seeing The World Goes ‘Round

I hope they’ll hear some songs they haven’t heard before; or at least hear them in a different way that they haven’t been exposed to. I also want them to fully experience the magic of Kander and Ebb’s music. Each song has the ability to take people back to specific moments in their lives, recreating feelings of love, joy, happiness, and even heartbreak.

For those readers and theatregoers who have never heard of or visited Creative Cauldron tell then about it and what makes Creative Cauldron so special to you. 

Creative Cauldron is a welcoming art space that provides high quality entertainment. This is my first theatre experience in the DC area, and from the moment I walked in I felt at home. I think that’s something almost every artist and audience member feels when they visit Creative Cauldron.


The World Goes ‘Round plays through October 25, 2015 at Creative Cauldron – 410 South Maple Avenue, Suite 116, in Falls Church, VA. For tickets, call (703) 436 – 9948, or purchase them online.

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Meet the Cast of ‘The World Goes ‘Round’ at Creative Cauldron: Part 1: Carolyn Burke.

Meet the Cast of ‘The World Goes ‘Round’ at Creative Cauldron: Part 2: Carli Smith.

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