Bob Kleinberg on ‘Any Given Monday’ Opening Tonight at Greenbelt Arts Center

Bob Kleinberg stars in Any Given Monday, which opens tonight at Greenbelt Arts Center. I asked him to talk about the role of Lenny, who he plays in the show.

Bob Kleinberg.

Bob Kleinberg.

Lenny is a mild-mannered Jewish guy from Philly who loves the Eagles, his family and To Kill a Mockingbird. In fact, he idolizes Atticus Finch, the tale’s widowed father, attempting over the years to model his own life and behavior along the famous character’s even temperament. Yet, when his own wife Risa leaves him for a wealthy real estate lawyer, this shatters him. His best friend Micky’s response and his daughter Sarah’s subsequent reaction eventually force him to attempt to change his persona with the hope that doing so will bring Risa back to him.

To me, Micky represents every deep down emotion that Lenny has ever wanted to express. Lenny admires Micky’s raw energy and is internally drawn to it, making it that much harder for him to realize the model behavior he strives to emulate. It is only through his love for the Eagles (and thus hatred of division rivals Giants and Cowboys) is he able to express any emotion. As a result he represses his true self, which, in turn, has caused Risa to turn away since the Lenny she married is not the Lenny she sees today.

In some ways, I feel Lenny and I have a lot in common. I too am a Jewish guy from Philly who loves the Eagles and his family and admires the even-temperament and logical mind of Atticus Finch. Yet, while Lenny tries to model his life after Atticus, I realized long ago that a little edge never hurt. And so when Lenny finally begins to find that edge, I cheer inside and try to play him to the hilt as he discovers and really begins to enjoy his new perspective.12195769_10207906687285704_5904544373569424935_n

Any Given Monday opens tonight at 8 PM and plays through November 22, 2015 at Greenbelt Arts Center –  123 Centerway, in Greenbelt MD. For tickets, call  (301) 441-8770. Ticket prices: $20 General Admission, $16 Students/Seniors/Military, and 12 Youth (12 and under with adult).

Sarah Scott on ‘Any Given Monday’ Opening Tonight at Greenbelt Arts Center.

Bob Kleinberg on ‘Any Given Monday’ Opening Tonight at Greenbelt Arts Center.

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