Sarah Scott on ‘Any Given Monday’ Opening Tonight at Greenbelt Arts Center

Sarah Scott stars in Any Given Monday, which opens tonight at Greenbelt Arts Center. I asked her to talk about the role of Sarah, who she plays in the show.

Sarah K. Scott.

Sarah K. Scott.

Sarah is a young college student in her early twenties studying philosophy at a “very prestigious university.” She is close to her family – particularly her father, Lenny – but is very aware of their shortcomings. Sarah narrates much of the play and provides commentary usually in the form of philosophical musings. In a way, she is a parallel to Scout Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, which makes Lenny the irreproachable Atticus Finch. And while Sarah, like Scout, admires her father’s moral conscience, she is appalled by the behavior of his friend Mickey, that is, until he makes her question everything she thought she knew. She also goes head-to-head with her mother Risa, the source of the family’s drama, in Sarah’s opinion. 

Like Sarah, I am a young woman in my twenties who has dealt with my fair share of parental squabbles. While I can’t say it ever escalated to the level seen in this play, I am familiar with the “very long, very intense conversations” Sarah has with her parents. Being a college student is also in my recent memory, so I am able to recall the feelings of uncertainty about which path to take in life as Sarah questions her choice of major and debates about attending graduate school.
I find this play compelling not only because it is an interesting look at the question of morality, but also because it contains brilliant nuggets of truth wrapped in hilarious dialogue – much like an offensive stand up comedian who has you cracking up at their insensitive jokes because you can’t deny that they do have a point. You may feel a little guilty for laughing, but after the show’s over, you’ll find yourself really considering the subject matter, and I believe  there is always a benefit to some introspection. I think audiences will want to come on this interesting journey with us to find out just how far the characters are willing to go and how the mess is cleaned up in the end.

Any Given Monday opens tonight at 8 PM and plays through November 22, 2015 at Greenbelt Arts Center –  123 Centerway, in Greenbelt MD. For tickets, call  (301) 441-8770. Ticket prices: $20 General Admission, $16 Students/Seniors/Military, and 12 Youth (12 and under with adult).

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