David London’s ‘Magic Outside the Box Cabaret Show’ at The Writer’s Center on Fri & Sat 11/13 & 14th

So, how many magic shows have you been to in your life? You know, the ones that use coded words like “Abracadabra” while the magician swings around a wand decked out in a black tux and bow tie and a black hat. He mixes unnamed ingredients in the hat, wisps of smoke appear, and he pulls out a rabbit. Throw that scenario out the window because David London’s shows are entirely different from any magical event you will ever experience.

Photo by Christopher Meyers.
Photo by Christopher Meyers.

Way long ago in a galaxy far, far away, David began his magical career at the age of 7 when he attended his cousin’s Bar Mitzvah and stole the evening away from the honoree. When he completed this initial gig, he realized the power of magic and decided to make it a career. At 13, he finally reached his initial pinnacle of success collecting a fee for his performance at a local Children’s event here in the DC metropolitan area.

Our magical mystery emcee plans a 75-minute intermissionless show. David never does what’s expected; he takes you on a trip that many have not gone on before, that is, unless you’ve seen his show. Even then, every show is unique since you – the spectator – become an integral part of the evening

David and I recently met to talk about his upcoming performance. He shared with me his hectic summer when he attended 14 festivals all across America dedicating hundreds of hours to the effort. At his upcoming cabaret performance, the only restriction is that you must be at least 15 years-old.  Even though there is nothing presented that would be considered inappropriate for children – the show will focus on the intellectual side of magic exploring ideas, tricks, and unlimited laughter.

I asked Mr. London about what kind of tricks the audience will see. He replied, ”I will present magic tricks serving as punctuation at the end of a larger exploration. My show is a combination of puppetry, storytelling, philosophy, surrealism, with the cautionary caveat that there is no politics.” How can the show be anything but a smashing success with the guarantee that there is someplace to go in DC where politics is not on the agenda?

David says his type of magic doesn’t work well on TV or in film. Despite the fact that live magic is the most difficult, this is David’s forte. The sooner the audience surrenders to the experience, the better evening both performer and spectator will enjoy.

Here’s a preview video:

David London’s Magic Outside The Box Cabaret Show plays on Friday and Saturday, November 13th at 14th at 8 PM at The Writer’s Center – 4508 Walsh Street, in Bethesda, MD. For tickets, call (301) 654-8664. If you take METRO, it is only a 3-block walk from the Bethesda METRO station on the Red Line.


We have an amazing discount for you! If you want to go on a journey that provides fun, excitement, and ‘who know’s what,’ you can purchase tickets in advance here.

Under the “Get Tickets” portion of the webpage, enter the number of tickets required and the category. In blue, you will see the words “Enter a Password or Discount Code.” The discount code is Halfoff which is not case sensitive. After entering the discount code, you will see how many discount tickets are available. Clicking on those words brings up the reduced ticket page. There are actually two shows…the close-up half hour with the performer begins at 7:15 PM and lasts for 30 minutes and/or the 75-minute show that begins at 8:00 PM. Different pricing fees are available based on seat selection and shows. Take advantage of the discount ticket offer now before all the tickets are gone.


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