Meet the Cast of Roseprose Productions’ ‘Voices the play’: Part 1: Meet Eli El

In part one in a series of interviews with the cast of Voices the play, meet Eli El.

Eli El.

Eli El.

Joel: Tell us about yourself. How long have you been acting in the DC, MD, VA area? What are some of your more recent shows?

I have been acting since Junior High school. However, I immersed myself into the trade 6 years ago and it has taken me into almost every facet of the business including directing. Some of my most recent work on stage is BOXES and The Katrina Monolgues. I’ve also directed a production of Dry Bones The Play.

Who do you play in VOICES? What has been your favorite (or most challenging) moment in becoming your character? How has Director Jared Shamberger helped you in your process?

I play the Executive and David. My favorite moment is always the realization of another facet of the character I hadn’t seen on first or even second look. Jared challenges you to look for something different.

You have an interesting head shot can you tell us what it symbolizes and how the image relates to the play?

We all silence ourselves in different ways. Ask yourself: “When have you let something slide that later you regretted?”

VOICES is the second installment in the BOXES trilogy. How do you think VOICES builds on BOXES? Will audiences be able to enjoy the show if they have never seen BOXES?

Absolutely they will, Though part 2 of a trilogy they (BOXES and VOICES) relate to each other in message type. Stimulating the audience to think and act on those closeted dreams or goals, to have no regrets, TO DO!

The playwright, Ebony Rosemond, considers VOICES to be a motivational play. Do you agree?

I agree, anything that moves people to take action on something they otherwise would not have is motivational.

What have you learned about yourself as an artist during the rehearsal process?

There’s always room for growth.

What do you want audience members to remember when they leave the theatre?

Know thyself!

Voices the play plays from May 12-22, 2016 at Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint – 916 G Street, NW, in Washington, DC. For tickets, purchase them online.

Meet the Cast of Roseprose Productions’ ‘Voices the play’: Part 1: Meet Eli El.

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