Meet the Cast ‘Spring Awakening’ at Ovations Theatre: Part 2: Ethan Miller

In part 2 of a series of interviews with the cast of Ovations Theatre’s Spring Awakening, meet Ethan Miller.

Joel: What is your name, age, high school, and role in Spring Awakening?

Photo courtesy of Ovations Theatre.

Ethan Miller. Photo courtesy of Ovations Theatre.

Ethan: My name is Ethan Miller. I am 16 years-old, and I  go to Winston Churchill High school. I play the part of Melchior Gabor in Spring Awakening.

Tell us about your character. What do you find most challenging or interesting about playing him?

This part is both very interesting and very challenging for the same reason. Melchior is a very revolutionary young man, but he is also still a realistic human teenager. This is difficult because it is very hard to combine a teenage attitude, with an extremely mature mind.

The show touches on some difficult and some dark themes like abuse, abortion and suicide. Why is it important for teenagers to portray these issues, and why is it important for audiences to see it?

The dark tones in this musical such as suicide and abortion are very important to discuss because people need to start becoming more aware of it. The world needs to start recognizing the fact that these things are happening, and stop trying to avoid and ignore them.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from working on the production?

The most valuable thing I learned working on this production is that you can’t judge your character. If you judge your character or in my case Melchior, you won’t be able to play him truthfully because you won’t have justification behind your work.

How many shows have you worked on with Ovations Founder and Artistic Director Darnell Morris? What do you like most about working with him?

This is my 10th show working with Darnell Morris and my favorite thing about working with him is how open he is to ideas from the actors, and how willing he is to let explore their character.

Many of the cast members have been performing together since they were 10 years old and now are upperclassmen in high school. How does this kind of close-knit community help foster growth, both artistically and personally?

The closeness of the actors makes it easier to connect with them on stage and understand their acting choices. It’s also great because I’ve made a ton of friends doing these shows.

What have you learned about yourself the actor and singer during your Spring Awakening experience?

During the Spring Awakening experience I’ve learned that I have to push my comfort level if I want to develop my character.


Spring Awakening plays from December 2-4, 2016, at Ovations Theatre performing at The Kreeger Theatre JCC of Greater Washington – 6125 Montrose Road, in Rockville, MD. For tickets, purchase them at the door or online.

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Meet the Cast ‘Spring Awakening’ at Ovations Theatre: Part 2: Ethan Miller.

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