A Tribute to Tricia Lynn McCauley

Everyone’s worst nightmare has occurred-missing local actress Tricia Lynn McCauley and Yoga Instructor had been found and she has passed away.

Brian McCauley announced the sad news:

Tricia is gone, they have found her body. Thank you all for your work, support and love. To all of her DC family, I know she truly thought of you that way, thank you for being there for her all these years. Hang on to each other.

Tricia went missing on Christmas while on her way to a holiday dinner and then missed a plane fight. It’s all so tragic and it’s so hard to comprehend why and how this all happened. I can only imagine the grief her family and friends and her family at Washington Stage Guild – where she appeared in several shows – are going through this morning.

In going through DCMetroTheaterArts’ archives I wanted to offer two of my favorite performances of Tricia’s. She lit up the stage:

Tricia McCauley and Megan Dominy in ‘On Approval’ at Washington Stage Guild. Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

Maria, whose income would be equivalent today to about $2 million, is played grandly with urbane self-absorption by Tricia McCauley. Helen, who is heir to a pickle fortune and one of England’s most affluent, is played sweetly with girlish guilelessness by Megan Dominy.-On Approval at Washington Stage Guild by John Stoltenberg.

(L to R) Kjell Bjarne (James Konicek), The Waitress (Tricia McCauley), and Elling (Bill Largess) in ‘Elling.’ Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

Taking on multiple female roles, actress Tricia McCauley varies her performance throughout the production until she lands in her final character of Reidun. Starting first as the efficient, albeit stern, hospital nurse, McCauley then shifts to the epitome of a bad modern poet exposing the miasma of her melancholy at the poetry reading. Briefly playing a saucy and oversexed strumpet of a waitress, McCauley lands her final character with a curious combination of depth and simplicity. The way she allows her burgeoning feelings for Kjell Bjarne surge through her voice and out her very excitable animated eyes gives the audience a true connection to her emotions.-Elling at Washington Stage Guild by Amanda Gunther.

If you look at Tricia’s resume on her website you will see the diversity of roles she played.

To everyone who knew Tricia, please leave your thoughts and memories in the comment section or please send them to me at dcmetrotheaterarts@gmail.com so I can share them with our readers and Tricia’s friends and family.

The staff of DCMetroTheaterArts sends our condolences to Tricia’s family and friends and to the theater community who all mourn her passing. Our close-knit theater community family will always be there for support.

Rest in peace Tricia. You will always remain in our hearts.



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