News: A Farewell Letter from DCMTA Writer Richard Seff

I didn’t want to slink off into the night without saying so long to you very lovely DC fans at DC Metro Theater Arts. It was time to go, and I’m grateful for the space in which to get sentimental for a moment. Arriving here some years ago with founder Joel Markowitz led me into strange waters, for though I’d spent my working life in theatre, most of it was devoted to the performing arts, with me doing the performing and the writing. Yes, there were those 20 years when I sat behind a desk and pretended to be a businessman, but though I was a theatrical agent whose major talent was spotting talent in others, I really yearned to get back up there myself.

Richard Seff.

My midlife crisis occurred when I was in my mid-forties, and I did re-enter the job market. I managed to stay afloat as an actor from 1975 through the rest of the 20th century, enjoying myself enormously – so much so that I created a prize for people like me – those who’d devoted their lives to the stage as supporting players. It now goes annually to a growing list of favorites known only to aficionados who love good theatre and fine performances.

I thought the third act of my life would be devoted to watching young things grow. But a chance encounter with Joel Markowitz opened another door, and suddenly I was back on the other side of the footlights (remember them?) as a member of the Outer Critics Circle, reviewing those brave souls who were constantly renewing the ranks of the writers, directors, and actors who’d come before them.

I want to thank Nicole who’s done a remarkable job of sustaining DC Metro Theater Arts, widening its horizons as she veers toward the new and the now in plays and musicals which embrace and employ a new generation of artists who are now telling us all about their concerns as well as sharing their hopes and dreams.

I’m going to go on sounding off about my own likes and dislikes, and if you care to join me, you’ll find me at and also in print at the ShoreLine Times and at its website  

Till we meet again, thanks for listening. So long for now.  

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