2019 Capital Fringe Festival Previews and Reviews

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RatingShows & ReviewsGenreRecommendedFirst Look: Backstage StoriesInfo & Tickets
33 1/3 Chorus GirlsComedyall agesGo
52 PickupDramaadults onlyGo
A Gentleman & a LiarComedychildren age 13 & upPreview ArticleGo
A History of LaughterComedyadults onlyPreview ArticleGo
A People's HistoryDramaall agesPreview ArticleGo
A Short History of Unfortunate AnimalsDancechildren age 13 & upGo
Acuña AcunaComedychildren age 13 & upPreview ArticleGo
Air Mail/Par AvionMusical Theatrechildren age 13 & upGo
All for the UnionDramaall agesPreview ArticleGo
AmeliaDramachildren age 13 & upGo
American DietMusical Theatrechildren age 13 & upGo
American TranquilityComedyadults onlyGo
An Evening with Lola MontezDramachildren age 13 & upPreview ArticleGo
An Eye for an EyeDramaadults onlyPreview ArticleGo
ArcadeArcadeall agesGo
Before The FallDramachildren age 13 & upPreview ArticleGo
Beyond These WallsDramaadults onlyPreview ArticleGo
Body.Dramachildren age 13 & upGo
Caribbean CommandDramachildren age 13 & upPreview ArticleGo
CodependentComedychildren age 13 & upGo
ConversationsDramachildren age 13 & upPreview ArticleGo
CRAPSHOOT!Comedychildren age 13 & upGo
DancEthosDanceall agesGo
Dreamer/SeekerDramaall agesPreview ArticleGo
DustDramachildren age 13 & upGo
Emil Amok! All Pucked Up: Harvard, NPR and moreComedychildren age 13 & upGo
Energie: A Rock MusicalMusical Theatreall agesPreview ArticleGo
EyeSOARDanceall agesPreview ArticleGo
Face Zone, TheDramachildren age 13 & upPreview ArticleGo
Flirting Like An AmericanComedyall agesGo
From Divorce to RestorationDramaadults onlyGo
Good & KissedDramachildren age 13 & upPreview ArticleGo
H.P. Lovecraft's: The Call of CthulhuDramachildren age 13 & upPreview ArticleGo
Hatpin PanicDramaall agesGo
Heartbeats & AlgorithmsDramachildren age 13 & upGo
Heist, TheDramaadults onlyPreview ArticleGo
Hexagon 2019: E Pluribus Screw 'EmComedychildren age 13 & upGo
Hold The TomatoComedychildren age 13 & upGo
Home, Sweet, _____Comedyall agesPreview ArticleGo
Hound, TheDramachildren age 13 & upGo
How’s That Workin’ Out for Ya? 2.0Comedychildren age 13 & upGo
I Favor My DaddyComedyadults onlyPreview ArticleGo
I Know It Was the BloodDramachildren age 13 & upGo
If These Balls Could TalkComedychildren age 13 & upGo
Inferno the MusicalMusical Theatrechildren age 13 & upGo
Intimate DinnerComedychildren age 13 & upPreview ArticleGo
Iphigenia in SplottDramaadults onlyPreview ArticleGo
Journey to Long NoseComedyall agesGo
Judge Me NotDramachildren age 13 & upGo
Kafka's Metamorphosis: The Musical!Musical Theatrechildren age 13 & upPreview ArticleGo
Knights of Salisbury, TheMusical Theatreall agesGo
Let's Fight and Say We Didn'tDramachildren age 13 & upGo
She Sings LightDanceall agesGo
Little White LiesDanceall agesGo
Love in the Time of Climate ChangeComedyall agesGo
Mamita: Eulogies to the LivingComedychildren age 13 & upGo
Mayhem and Other DelightsComedyadults onlyGo
meg jo beth amy & louisaComedychildren age 13 & upGo
NeverlandingDramachildren age 13 & upGo
Nothing BrokenComedychildren age 13 & upGo
Office of the SpeakerDramachildren age 13 & upGo
Oizys in the Waiting RoomDanceall agesGo
Our Town Plus ZombiesComedychildren age 13 & upGo
PassingDramachildren age 13 & upPreview ArticleGo
Pride of DovesComedychildren age 13 & upGo
Rewiring EdenDramaall agesGo
Saucy Jack and the Space VixensMusical Theatreadults onlyGo
Shakespeare’s WorstComedyall agesGo
Six Months of WinterComedyadults onlyGo
Soul RedeemerMusical Theatreall agesGo
SPEAK*Girls PresentsDramachildren age 13 & upGo
Starcrossed: The Tragedy of Mercutio and TybaltDramachildren age 13 & upGo
StuckDramachildren age 13 & upGo
SurfacingDramaadults onlyGo
Thanksgiving at Macbeth’sComedyadults onlyGo
That's Not How It HappenedComedychildren age 13 & upGo
The BreakupComedychildren age 13 & upGo
The Little Senator That CouldComedychildren age 13 & upGo
This Place of OursDancechildren age 13 & upGo
Velvet DeterminationComedychildren age 13 & upPreview ArticleGo
Veneer of BeautyDramaadults onlyPreview ArticleGo
We're All Going to Fucking Die!Comedyadults onlyGo
What I've all been waiting forComedyadults onlyGo
What Wasn'tDramaadults onlyGo
Would You Rather...Comedychildren age 13 & upGo
You Don't Have a Copyright on Your Mom's LegacyComedyadults onlyPreview ArticleGo