The Boy Band Project sings in the New Year

On January 1, 2021, The Boy Band Project – NYC’s Broadway World Award-winning “Best Group” of 2019 (and currently honored with eight nominations in the 2020 BWW Awards, for which voting is still open) – will sing in the New Year with their new Holiday Edition concert, recorded live at the Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and streaming at 8 pm on Stellar.

Photo courtesy of The Boy Band Project.

The New Year’s special features a steamy set list of boy-band covers, holiday favorites, and original songs by The BBP, performed with all “the right stuff” by Jesse Corbin (The Bad Boy), Chris Messina (The Sporty One), Nic Metcalf (The Sensitive One), and founding member Travis Nesbitt (The Boy Next Door) – all veterans of the musical-theater stages of Broadway and beyond. So if the cold winter weather is getting you down, this hot act is guaranteed to raise your temperature.

Travis Nesbitt. Photo by Travis McGee.

Travis told me that the event will be filmed at the Rehoboth venue on December 30, with an experienced crew doing a multi-cam shoot; it will then be professionally edited, to ensure viewers of the highest-quality virtual experience possible. There will be festive costume changes, Christmas songs that extend the celebration into the New Year, and their signature re-imagining of the sound, moves, and style of such iconic boy bands as NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, One Direction, Boyz II Men, and more. The livestream premiere on New Year’s night will also include a live chat with the Boys on the digital platform, as they watch along and interact with their fans.

Nic Metcalf. Photo by West38NYC.

Because of the ongoing pandemic shutdown of live in-person theater in NYC, Nic said that he is very much “looking forward to ACTUALLY performing live, again. The performance community has been struggling significantly through these COVID times, and actually interacting with a live, yet socially-distanced, audience is going to be amazing.” Travis added that “this will be our one chance to perform the holiday show for everybody, so we’ll be chewing the scenery!”

Jesse Corbin. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Travis also expressed his enthusiasm about returning to the Blue Moon for a fourth time, where The Boy Band Project has been welcomed into the local community. “I can’t say enough good things about the Blue Moon – it’s wonderful! In addition to the restaurant’s great menu and excellent food, the club is so much fun, with a gay party vibe.” Jesse, too, is “looking forward to being back with our Rehoboth family” and Chris can’t wait to be “bringing some more holiday cheer to The Blue Moon.”

Chris Messina. Photo courtesy of the artist.

I asked the Boys if they would give our readers a little sneak peek at the show by telling us which of the songs they most enjoy performing, and this group is definitely in harmony. Chris’s absolute favorite (“!!!”) is NSYNC’s “God Must Have Spent A Little More Time on You.” For Travis, it’s their opening number “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,” also by NSYNC, and Jesse agrees it’s the one he’s “super excited about singing.” Travis also loves The BBP’s own original award-nominated single “Jingle My Bells” (available on YouTube, Apple Music, and other popular streaming sites), as does Nic, who went on to say that “it’s HILARIOUS – a little risqué, but definitely full of Christmas spirit.”

My advice is to make a New Year’s resolution to “embrace your inner Superfan” by closing out this season with The Boy Band Project’s naughty and nice holiday concert and live chat. It’s sure to make you forget about the ice and snow outside, and to give you the best kind of chills and fever!

Photo courtesy of The Boy Band Project.

The Boy Band Project: Holiday Edition at the Blue Moon, Rehoboth Beach, DE, streams live at 8 pm, Friday, January 1, 2021, on Stellar. The concert will then be available on demand for fifteen days after the premiere. For tickets, go online.


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