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Since 2012, DC Metro Theater Arts has played a key role in the Washington, DC area performing arts community. Through reviews, feature articles and interviews, news stories, and opinion pieces, we provide our readers with comprehensive coverage of the local and regional performing arts scene.

Our goals are simple:

  • To shine a spotlight on the talented and hardworking artists of Washington DC, Baltimore and surrounding regions
  • To serve as a resource for theater patrons who want to learn more about the local performing arts scene

In our online publication you will find the following:


DCMTA reviews productions both large and small. We cover the largest shows at marquee theaters, the smallest of community theater productions, and everything in between. And because our readers keep up with the latest in New York theater, we maintain a correspondent in NYC.

In our reviews, we promise you fair, honest and succinct criticism. Our goal is to be constructive, never cruel. Our writers all have performing arts and writing backgrounds.

Interviews and Feature Stories

Our writers are always on the lookout for interesting interview subjects, delving deep into behind the scenes stories and bringing to life the people and events that make our community one of the top performing arts centers in the United States. We are finely attuned to the goings on of the local scene and jump at the chance to interview the makers and shakers of the DC scene as well as visiting out-of-town performers.


DCMTA works hard to bring you the latest news. Got a story? We’d love to hear it.

Special Events Coverage

The DC and Baltimore regions are home to so many exciting special events: From Hamilton finally coming to Washington, DC to the Capital Fringe and Charm City Fringe Festivals, we strive to be your go-to destination for events that deserve a special spotlight.

Photo Features

Because, honestly, sometimes we’re all just too tired to read!

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