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Eric Poch and June Keating in Incredibly Dead! Photo by Heather Keating.

Review: ‘Incredibly Dead!’ by the Baltimore Rock Opera Society

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s latest creation, Incredibly Dead!, is a damn good time. From the flying severed heads to the ridiculous collection of characters, the B-horror original musical spoof offers a joyride of lunacy and kitsch. Writer and Co-Director Michael Ziccardi’s enthusiasm for the B-horror genre is palpable in every aspect of the production. […]

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Review: ‘Hoodoo Love’ at Arena Players

Katori Hall’s Hoodoo Love is like a three-hour, heartache-filled blues song. Set in Memphis in the 1930s, the memories of slavery still linger and the reality of life in the south for African Americans is not easy. Arena Players, the longest continuously running African American community theater in the country, squeezes out the juices of […]

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Review: ‘Honey’ by Nameless Theater

“Clutch my pearls!” one audience member remarks toward the end of Nameless Theater’s motel-room drama, Honey, which has at least three throat-clutching twists during its less than 30-minute run time. This pint-size show with a lot of punch is performed in an actual motel room at the Ivy City Hotel in D.C.’s up-and-coming Ivy City […]

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Photo courtesy of The Green Globe Theatre.

Review: ‘She Kills Monsters’ at Green Globe Theatre

Eighties and Nineties nostalgia is big right now. Adults newish to marriage and mortgages and over the hump of deciding to spend the $10 in their wallet on laundry or beer are starting to daydream about simpler times. The re-emergence of overalls as a viable fashion choice, summer tours by Weezer and the Pixies, and […]

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Review: ‘School of Rock’ at the Hippodrome Theatre

Dewey Finn, the schleppy hero of School of Rock, is a modern-day Maria Von Trapp, leading children to find happiness through music. While posing as a substitute teacher, he shares his passion for rock-and-roll with the buttoned-up students of Horace Green Prep School – and in so doing, changes them, and himself, for the better. […]

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Review: ‘Count Down’ at Strand Theater Company (Women’s Voices Theater Festival)

The seven teenage girls in The Strand Theater Company’s production — and regional premiere — of Count Down are the standout stars of the show. From the performances of the actors playing the girls and the script’s heartbreaking monologues to the energetic, deliberate choreography, the production takes great care to show who these young women […]

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