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Review: The Rainbow Theatre Project Presents ‘Historias’

The Rainbow Theatre Project premiered a new work, Historias, on Monday night, a show crafted from the experiences of its remarkably talented cast members. Director Tony Koehler led his actors – Skye Ellis, Josue Lemus, Jhonny Maldonado, Ariela Sirota and Marlowe Vilchez – on a journey of discovery and revelation to create the work, and […]

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Review: The American Pops Orchestra Presents ‘You Spin Me ‘Round: An ’80s Dance Party’ at Lisner Auditorium

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with being formulaic when the formula mixes crowd-pleasing song selections, fresh and stylish musical arrangements, and knock-out performances. That pretty much sums up a trademark accomplishment of The American Pops Orchestra and Music Director Luke Frazier. Friday night’s concert was a 1980s pop hits feast. Yes, it’s a time period remembered […]

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Review #2: The American Pops Orchestra Presents ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade: 75 Years Of Streisand’ at Lisner Auditorium

8-track tape: It’s the only medium of Barbra Streisand recordings that I do not own. LP, cassette, VHS, CD, DVD, mp3, mp4 … I have purchased some of Streisand’s work in two or three (for some movie content, maybe four) formats. As Streisand aficionados know, every new medium might bring some infinitesimal sound difference worth […]

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Review: ‘Naughty & Nice’ at Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC

Jumpstart your holiday spirit with Naughty & Nice, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington’s warmhearted, sassy and sexy extravaganza. For traditionalists, there’s Irving Berlin’s “Snow,” “The Dreidel Song,” and “I’ll Be Home” which blends the classic “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” with Meghan Trainor’s beautiful “I’ll Be Home” (featuring soloists Jon Perry and Ido Politi) […]

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Review: The American Pops Orchestra Presents ‘I’ll Be Seeing You: A World War II Love Story’ at Lisner Auditorium

I’ll Be Seeing You is a delightful portrait of the love and sacrifices of a newlywed couple separated by military service during World War II. The letters between Spark and Charley while Charlie is deployed in the Navy, along with the reminiscences of the couple’s older selves as grandparents, tell a universal story that’s also […]

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2016 Capital Fringe Review: ‘The Tragedy of Mario and Juliet’

The Tragedy of Mario and Juliet, presented by Dead Cat Productions/Wayne Nicolosi (as well as written and directed by Nicolosi), reinvents well-known Shakespearean characters and plots to explore some pretty weighty themes with comedy largely trumping drama. Nicolosi’s dialogue blends contemporary, Jersey-accented vernacular with the occasional Elizabethan verse, both can be challenging to the ear […]

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Review: ‘The Merry Death of Robin Hood’ at LiveArtDC

The Merry Death of Robin Hood, written by Paul Resiman, (based on the stories by Howard Pyle), is my first experience of LiveArtDC and it was choice. I hadn’t thought of Robin Hood since the mid-70s film Robin and Marian starring Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn as the famed pair in their golden years. Thanks to […]

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The Women’s Voices Theatre Festival: ‘Duir-wyyd: The Dreamer’s Doorway’ at Spooky Action Theater

It is intriguing to see a work in progress that has real merit. Sandra Kamman’s Duir-wyyd: The Dreamer’s Doorway, a play with music, straddles time and space to metaphysically interconnect the stories of a contemporary mother and daughter recently relocated to a DC rooming house and a band of Druids in ancient Ireland persecuted and uprooted […]

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‘The American Pops Orchestra Presents Stairway to Paradise: A Gershwin Spectacular’ at Lisner Auditorium

The American Pops Orchestra presented Stairway to Paradise: A Gershwin Spectacular, starring Christine Ebersole, directed by Nathan Brewer, at George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium on Friday, October 16, 2015. The American Pops Orchestra brought a fresh perspective to the American Songbook in its inaugural DC concert, Stairway to Paradise: A Gershwin Spectacular. Orchestra founder and Music Director Luke Frazier has […]

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‘The Basilisk of Barnagasso’ at The George Washington University Department of Theatre and Dance

An exuberant troupe of seven players (and some ad-libbing stage hands) fabricated a screwball, madcap adventure of star-crossed lovers and lost fortunes, vagabonds, soldiers, bandits, hired thugs and a baker. In the tradition of Commedia dell’Arte, at each performance the cast must fabricate the night’s entertainment from the bare bones of a plot outline, a gaggle […]

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Mark Nadler: ‘Runnin’ Wild: Songs and Scandals of the Roaring ’20s’ at Starthmore’s AMP

Raconteur. A word seldom used nowadays. In the era of Twitter and short attention spans, good luck finding “a person who excels in telling anecdotes.” But flip open the Merriam-Webster Dictionary to the word and don’t be surprised if Mark Nadler‘s headshot is the illustration. Nadler is fresh out of the recording studio, having curated […]

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