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Sarah Olmsted Thomas and Alex Vernon in Cabaret Noir. Photo by Margaret Hart.

Review: ‘Cabaret Noir’ by Happenstance Theater

The phrase “film noir” evokes both a particular sub-genre of the crime film as well as a particular era. Inspired by the moody expressionist dramas of the silent era that had come to an end a generation prior, the hardboiled detective fiction of novels and pulp magazines, and the way World War II had exposed […]

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410[Gone]. Photo by Ryan Maxwell Photography.

Review: ‘410 [Gone]’ at Rorschach Theatre

A young Chinese-American woman identified in the playbill as “Twenty-one” but named Jamie (Linda Bard) is attempting to use her MacBook to contact her dead younger brother through a video chat app. Meanwhile, in the realm under Tai Shan, a mountain in Shadong Province revered by Buddhists and Taoists alike, Sun Wu Kong, The Monkey […]

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