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Kim Palchikoff
By the time I was six-years old, I was already doing activities that later shaped my professional and personal life. I was young American living in the Middle East, speaking Hebrew, and writing endless letters home. But it wasn’t just the foreign experience and love of the written word that captivated me. It was life abroad that made me who I am. I’ve lived and worked in Latin America and Russia, where I witnessed firsthand the fall of the Soviet Union. I speak both Spanish and Russian, along with my native English. Through it all, I’ve been very fortunate to work with so many different kinds of individuals, from all economic and cultural backgrounds. While some no one’s heard about, others are high profile folks whose name is known far and wide. Over time I became an expert in both national, international and digital media and communications. I’ve won awards for my work, and keep striving to succeed in everything I set out to do, whether it’s penning an Op-Ed or producing a radio segment together with a team. My focus has been on compelling topics and individuals that rarely make the headlines, such as the NYT tribute to my late Russian father Nikolay who spent his life as an anti-nuclear activist. In my free time I blog about one of the most high profile international arts community – that of the Moscow Circus. I believe that humor and creativity are important parts of life in general. Check my blog out: http://www.palchikoff.com/

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