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Matthew Alan Ward, Hector-Ruben Jimenez Reynoso, Benjamin Cunis and Dan Istrate. Photo by Johnny Shyrock.

‘The Three Musketeers’ at Synetic Theater by Natalie McCabe

In his Director’s Notes, Paata Tsikurishvili quotes a line from Hamlet: “Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.” In its latest show, The Three Musketeers, written by brothers Ben Cunis and Peter Cunis, Synetic Theater does just that, including spoken dialogue along with the physical movement that so beautifully characterizes their […]

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The cast of 'The Tempest.' Photo by Johnny Shryock.

‘The Tempest’ at Synetic Theater by Natalie McCabe

A squall. A gale. A storm. A tempest. Synetic Theater’s production of The Tempest, the latest installment of their Silent Shakespeare Series, can be described using all of the above words. Indeed, the entire stage is covered in four inches of water through which the actors dance, roll, and fight. In fact, a grand total of […]

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Julian Elijah Martinez and Jonathan Feuer. Photo by Melissa Blackall

‘9 Circles’ at Forum Theatre by Natalie McCabe

With soldiers still encountering difficult conditions, to say the least, in Afghanistan and more veterans attempting to reconcile acts committed in the intensity of war with the decorum expected at home, Forum Theatre’s 9 Circles comes at a very apt time. Written by Bill Cain and directed by Jennifer L. Nelson, the play, in its […]

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Kahne and Frost during Finale at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, 2012. Photo courtesy of Photography by Michael Ulrich.

‘Married to the Stage Can Be Stressful’ by Natalie McCabe

“Married to the Stage” can be stressful. Contrary to popular opinion, when both partners try to weave their careers around the trials and travesties that occur onstage, having a successful relationship, such as a marriage, offstage can be rather difficult. Between financial hardships, separations, and the inevitable missed auditions that make the rejection feel personal, […]

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Michael Benz as Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark in Shakespeare’s Globe production of 'Hamlet',' playing at Folger Theatre September 8 – 22. Photo by Jeff Malet.

‘Hamlet’ at Folger Theatre by Natalie McCabe

At the start of Shakespeare’s Globe’s production of Hamlet, the entire cast gathers onstage, with the lights up, playing instruments and singing a variation of “Little Beggar Man.” Later, in Act IV of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the title character reminds his uncle/step-father, “…A king may go a progress through the guts of a beggar.”  The idea […]

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John Laneham, of the Queen’s Men (Mr. Ryan, top) flips over his opponent, George Atwell, of the Admiral’s Men (Jim Dadosky, bottom) in chess. Photo courtesy of Photography by Michael Ulrich.

Married to the Stage: ‘My Faire Children’ by Natalie McCabe

My husband may live in an imaginary village, but we both belong to the category of ‘imaginary friends.’ Recently, I sat down to chat with a kindergartner and his almost-three-year-old sister, who likes to have pretend tea parties with ‘Ms. Natalie’ and ‘Mr. ohn” when we are not actually present. (Evidently, imaginary ‘Mr. John’ never wants […]

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a artist

Capital Fringe Review: ‘A is for Artist’ by Natalie McCabe

“Often times, I’ve observed that organizations feel forced to prioritize art, audience, and artist.  O Starsf the three, the artists are, more often than not, left to their own devices,” JR Russ, Vision Director of A Way of Life (AWoL) Productions states in his program notes. Indeed, in AWoL’s latest production, A is for Artist, […]

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Capital Fringe Review: ‘BFF’ by Natalie McCabe

Brian Feldman’s one-man “show” BFF takes its single audience member on a two-hour journey- literally- to becoming Feldman’s, well, “BFF.” Feldman’s “friend-building excursion” may take the audience member/new best friend to a baseball game (as mine did), to a vegan bakery (from a show the day before), or wherever Feldman decides his new friend would […]

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