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What is art and why do we need it? For me art is what we choose to surround ourselves with that is not essential. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, art and creativity fall within the fifth tier of fundamental life necessities: not considered a basic need, yet key to achieving self actualization.

I fill my days with art: whether I’m listening to a song by Gotye or watching my daughter sketch, reading Anais Nin or reciting Dr Suess, watching The Fountain or a community theatre play, I find it all important and all worthy of investigation. Local art and community level projects thrill me as much as grand scale work. I love to find (and appreciate) art created and performed just for art’s sake. It’s equally facinating to glimpse brilliant talent and those making a career of their passion.

Literature, theater, film, music, and visual arts are like dreams: sometimes strange and abstract, sometimes full of familiar meaning and resonance,
but moving and essential nonetheless. In Stage Write, we’ll meet all walks of life from the arts and explore what motivates, excites, and informs their work.

Rehearsing "Good Morning Baltimore" for Friday's opening of 'Hairspray.' Photo by Teresa McCormick Ertel.

Director Homero Bayarena on Glyndon Area Players’ ‘Hairspray’ by Teresa McCormick Ertel

Glyndon Area Players is a community theater group known for going big, and this year it offers a stellar production of Hairspray, which is opening this Friday, August 10th. I am also the Assistant Director. Baltimore’s favorite musical is brought to the stage with bold sets, Choreographer Dejelle Johnson’s energetic choreography, and Gordon Green’s deft […]

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Director Joshua McKerrow. Photo by Joshua McKerrow.

Josh McKerrow on Directing ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at Reisterstown Theatre Project by Teresa McCormick Ertel

Shakespeare in the Park, as brought to the community by Reisterstown Theatre Project, has become a welcome summer staple in the area. This year, from July 27 through August 11th, RTP is  offering is the quintessential love story and tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. Director Josh McKerrow gives us his insight on his production under the […]

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Katharine Vary; Christopher Krysztofiak; Steven Shriner; and Kate Shoemaker. Photo by Shannon Light.

Erica Smith on her play ‘Come Out and Say It’ by Teresa McCormick Ertel

Each year The Mobtown Players selects an original work for production. This year playwright Erica Smith’s Come Out and Say It was chosen and is currently playing. The show was directed by Brent Englar and features Brian S. Kraszewski, Christopher Krysztofiak, Catharine Shoemaker, Steven Shriner, and Katharine Vary. What was your reaction to being chosen […]

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Adin Walker. Photo by Paul Emerson.

An Interview with CityDance’s Lorraine Spiegler by Jane Coyne

I recently had the opportunity to visit with Lorraine Spiegler – Director of Studio Education of and Conservatory at CityDance. CityDance is a wonderful arts organization, and they have very exciting things going on. Jane: What makes the CityDance Conservatory unique? Lorraine: CityDance Conservatory is unlike any other program in the area. It’s a special environment, where we […]

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Fanon Hill speaking to students at The Baltimore Rennaisance Project. Photo by Theresa Keil.

Interview of Fanon Hill By Teresa McCormick Ertel

Art can cross barriers of culture and race and build bridges of understanding. Fanon Hill and his partner Sam Holmes created the Black Male Identity Project – that utilizes the arts, such as painting drawing and writing, to connect with the community and change damaging stereotypes of black males in our society. The project has […]

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An Interview with Justin Kiska on Directing ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ at Way Off Broadway by Teresa McCormick Ertel

Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre in Frederick, MD presents the classic tale of duality, Frank Wildhorn’s musical Jekyll & Hyde, directed by Justin Kiska. Teresa: What was your first personal exposure to Jekyll & Hyde?  Have you seen the production staged before? Justin: The first time I saw the show was its original tour before […]

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Interview with Director Steven J. Satta and Actor Joseph Ritsch of Iron Crow Theatre Company’s ‘The Soldier Dreams’ by Teresa McCormick Ertel

Steven Satta Fleming is directing Daniel MacIvor’s heartbreaking and funny The Soldier Dreams at Iron Crow Theatre Company, and Steven Satta Fleming is playing Richard.The play is a poignant glimpse into the final days of a dying man surrounded by his partner and loved ones. Steven Satta Fleming (Director) What is The Soldier Dreams about and what drew you […]

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maryland film fest

Stage Write: ‘An Interview with Maryland Film Festival’s Rahne Alexander’ by Teresa McCormick Ertel

Entering its 14th year, Maryland Film Festival is an annual four-day event that takes place the first weekend of each May, presenting top-notch film and video work from all over the world, with filmmaker in attendance to present their work. Each year the festival screens approximately 50 feature films and 75 short films of all varieties – […]

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In ‘Stage Write’: An Interview With Stevenson University’s Chris Roberts by Teresa McCormick Ertel

Teresa McCormick Ertel interviews Chris Roberts, head of Stevenson University’s Theater Department, about their growing program and tackling the powerful drama, Miss Evers’ Boys. Teresa: Tell me how you came to head the theatre department at Stevenson University, and a little about your program. Chris: I have been in this department since 1982 and I became […]

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baltimore theatre project

An Interview with Baltimore Theatre Project’s Anne Cantler Fulwiler by Teresa McCormick Ertel

This weekend, Baltimore Theatre Project (‘BTP’) presents Myth and Infrastructure and Dreaming of Lucid Living by Miwa Matreyek, a live performance with projected animation. This innovative form of theater highlights BTP’s mission to provide the community with a diverse array of original and experimental theatre, music, and dance – to connect artists and audiences of Baltimore […]

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LMAT logo

An Interview With The Heritage Players’ Katie McIntyre Sheldon and Director Damien Gibbon

The Heritage Players presents Lend Me A Tenor opening March 16, 2012  at Pice Auditorium in Catonsville, MD. Here, the group’s president, Katie McIntyre Sheldon, and Director Damien Gibbons share a little Heritage history, their mission of giving back to the community, and their vision for this classic farce. Katie McIntyre Sheldon Teresa: Tell us about the beginnings of The […]

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