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DC Black Theatre Festival: ‘Plot Twists…’

 An outstanding assembly of DC’s African American LGBTQ artists converged to create Plot Twists…, a late addition to the DC Black Theatre Festival lineup. Conceived and produced by Monte J. Wolfe—and presented in conjunction with the festival by Brave Soul Collective— the show was an anthology of dramatic and comedic monologues, short scenes, and staged readings, each […]

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DC Black Theatre Festival: ‘Secrets of a Black Boy’

A theater troupe from Toronto brought this play to town for three performances only for the DC Black Theater Festival. Secrets of a Black Boy speaks with great honesty and artistry. It achieves on stage that rare synthesis when a show that is entertaining enriches an audience’s understanding at the same time. One wishes it […]

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DC Black Theatre Festival: ‘Finally Quiet in My Head’

Madness has been dramatized in theater at least since the ancient Greeks. The mind come loose from its moorings, the persona altered, a terror deep in the self—whether in life or on stage, this troubled and troubling extremity of existence holds the human imagination captive. And notwithstanding modern psychiatric and pharmacological interventions, there is a […]

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‘Finally Quiet in My Head’ at DC Black Theatre Festival 2015 at Anacostia Arts Center on June 20-21st by Cristina A. Bejan

Two humans in St. Elizabeth’s psychiatric hospital in SE Washington DC who deny that their existence is defined solely by the label ‘crazy.’ One Washingtonian family who grapples with what their dear Morgan’s experience in the psych ward means. Finally…Quiet in my Head tells the story of native Washingontian Morgan and her unlikely friendship with […]

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