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Lisa Stephen Friday spills the T on ‘Trans Am,’ her rock...

'It’s risky to get on stage and be that vulnerable,' says the playwright, glam rocker, and trans advocate. 'It’s powerful, but it’s risky.'

How omicron is wreaking havoc on local theaters

Unexpected costs, performance cancellations, and staff shortages stress a field just beginning to operate again. | Report by NICOLE HERTVIK

Reginald L. Douglas on the next chapter at Mosaic Theater

The new artistic director and self-described 'new play development junkie' talks candidly about 'producing from a spirit of joy.'

Director Cara Gabriel on the magic and joy of ‘Winterfest’ at...

'Our kids have been on screens 24/7 the past two years. I wanted to involve them live and in person whenever we could.'

Director Marcia Milgrom Dodge on the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ buzz...

'I want to create theater for people to see themselves on stage...a world where diversity thrives.'

There’s a new ‘Pretty Woman’ in town: Q&A with Olivia Valli

The rising star who plays Vivian tells how the musical has been revised since its Broadway run and how her character will be different from the movie.

Pianist Lara Downes and the mainstreaming of fully American music

Imagine if great music by diverse composers were presented not as special but rather as totally normal.

Landless Theatre artists drop weird ‘Latchkey Kid’s Christmas Album’

From the folks who created sock-puppet 'Urinetown' comes a comedy band called The Bingle Jells.

What’s so funny about John Oliver

The Emmy-winning political comic has a standup gig at Kennedy Center that's nearly sold out.

Washington Arts Ensemble sees bright future after pandemic launch

The young chamber music group begun by two Juilliard alums has already sold out monthly performances.

A quirky first date goes taboo in new episode from The...

The digital project was created by playwright John Becker to generate work opportunities and compensation for local artists.

In tribute to Stephen Sondheim, on ‘Being Alive’

Here are ten top versions of one of the great songs he left us.

Finegan Kruckemeyer on his magical ‘Man Covets Bird’ at Spooky Action

A man awakens as a stranger, finds a bird companion, and embarks on a fantastical quest of self-discovery...

‘I have to live in hope’: Tazewell Thompson gets personal

In rehearsal for August Wilson's 'Seven Guitars' at Arena Stage, the renowned director opens up about the future of theater and America.

Randy Preston crows about his songs in ‘Accoustic Rooster’ at KenCen

'I put in as much music as I could because kids need to be exposed to as much good music as they can.'

Susan Derry’s new holiday album inspired by Creative Cauldron cabaret

Atypical tunes with lyrics to bring comfort, light, and hope at a dark time.

Inside ‘Birds of North America’ at Mosaic with its cast and...

Regina Aquino, David Bryan Jackson, and Serge Seiden talk about time and its loss and life's precious moments.

‘Gotta take the risks’: A Q&A with Wanda Whiteside of Live...

In 'Dry Bones' the company tells stories of citizens returning from incarceration.

Two women dress down ‘Five Women Wearing the Same Dress’

The comedy now running at Dominion Stage gets a critical look by its director and a cast member.

Arena’s ‘Celia and Fidel’ could not be more timely: Heather Velazquez

The deliciously comic young actress, who aspires to be Castro’s comrade (and stand-in for his late mistress), talks about her role in her cousin's play.