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Review: ‘The Beast in the Jungle’ at Vineyard Theatre

An imaginative, lyrical, and bittersweet stage adaptation of Henry James’ heartbreaking novella of 1903, The Beast in the Jungle reunites the celebrated team of John Kander (music), David Thompson (book), and Susan Stroman (direction and choreography) in a stunning world-premiere production at Vineyard Theatre. The original re-envisioning of the classic story combines the form of […]

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Review: ‘The Remains’ at Studio Theatre

They have such a tasteful, immaculate, picture-perfect kitchen, how could their marriage be such a sorry mess? That’s a crass way to ask the question, but the answers are beautifully nuanced in Ken Urban’s new play The Remains, a riveting comedy that mourns a gay marriage on the rocks. Set Designer Wilson Chin has indeed […]

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Review: ‘Flood City’ at Theater Alliance

I would not have thought that a play about dreadful disaster could be done as a droll and delightfully dark comedy, but Playwright Gabrielle Reisman did. Having lived through Hurricane Katrina in 2005 in New Orleans, she sought to find theatrical form for what she witnessed there about survivors’ resilience in the face of mass […]

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Review: ‘The Cherry Orchard’ by Faction of Fools

Though it has commonly been staged as a tragedy or psychological drama since its Moscow premiere, Anton Chekhov always insisted that The Cherry Orchard was a comedy. A story about an aristocratic family’s loss of ancestral land due to the gradual collapse of the feudal order might seem tragic – at least for the aristocratic […]

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Review: ‘Pericles’ by We Happy Few

Let’s be clear, Pericles is pretty much a first draft play that Shakespeare never quite finished. Now to be fair, the work is not wholly attributed to him, but with more than a few murderous plots, storms at sea, and hidden truths, Shakespeare could have done with a dramaturg to help him focus. Lucky for […]

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Pamela J Gray and Stephanie Roth Haberle. Photo by Carol Rosegg.

Review: ‘Woman and Scarecrow’ at Irish Repertory Theatre

Marking its first production of a work by the internationally-lauded Dublin-born playwright Marina Carr, Irish Repertory Theatre’s New York premiere of Woman and Scarecrow, potently directed by Ciaran O’Reilly, is a fiercely candid, surprisingly funny, and devastatingly poignant deathbed reflection by a wife and mother belatedly filled with realizations, passion, and regrets about her “encroaching […]

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Nick Bailey and Desi Oakley. Photo by Joan Marcus.

Review: ‘Waitress’ at The National Theatre

Waitress at the National Theatre is sweet as “Sugar.” The word resonates during scene shifts, as an immensely talented piemaker, Jenna (Desi Oakley), lists the ingredients for the new pie she is inventing in the opening number, “What’s Inside.” The mix of flavors is delicious as Jenna is joined in harmonies by her fellow waitresses, […]

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Dria Brown in Saint Joan. Photo by Teresa Wood.

Review: ‘Saint Joan’ by Bedlam Theater Company

Long before he wrote about her, George Bernard Shaw referred to Saint Joan as one of those “half-witted geniuses, enjoying the worship accorded by all races to certain forms of insanity.” He came to admire Joan as “a perfectly naïve hero upsetting religion, law, and order in all directions, and establishing in their place the […]

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Review: ‘The Book of Joseph’ at Everyman Theatre

With the advent and popularity of exploratory DNA tools like 23andMe and to unearth family lineage, people are increasingly fascinated with discovering who they are and where they come from. This was particularly epitomized in Karen Hartman’s The Book of Joseph, which was based on former Baltimore News American and WBAL-TV reporter Richard Hollander’s […]

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Eric Poch and June Keating in Incredibly Dead! Photo by Heather Keating.

Review: ‘Incredibly Dead!’ by the Baltimore Rock Opera Society

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s latest creation, Incredibly Dead!, is a damn good time. From the flying severed heads to the ridiculous collection of characters, the B-horror original musical spoof offers a joyride of lunacy and kitsch. Writer and Co-Director Michael Ziccardi’s enthusiasm for the B-horror genre is palpable in every aspect of the production. […]

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