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‘Come From Away’ lands at the National with a cargo hold...

The emotional power of the material comes through clearly in this quintessential ensemble show about ordinary people's kindness.

Actors eclipse script in ‘Meteor Shower’ at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

The cast of Steve Martin's comedy work hard at being wild and crazy.

Three teen sisters seek ancestral power in dynamic ‘Beastgirl’ at KenCen

In this world-premiere musical for young people, based on poems by bestselling author Elizabeth Acevedo, they discover love, joy, and possibility.

‘Mean Girls’ at Kennedy Center takes a rollicking look at teen...

The show dazzles with stellar singing, great choreography, amazing stagecraft.

A magical and joy-filled ‘Servant of Two Masters’ opens at Synetic...

The company's new silent adaption combines the best of Carlo Goldoni’s classic comedy with an undertone of deep emotion.

Oh what a gloriously edgy ‘Oklahoma!’

An iconoclastic take on the classic excites on tour at KenCen.

A witty and silly ‘Sense and Sensibility’ delights at Everyman Theatre

It's the perfect play for springtime, full of hope, young love, and the pursuit of happiness.

Zany ‘Yoga Play’ at Keegan poses issues and locks the laughs

The genuinely funny cast balances the play’s humor with emotional depth.

A chillingly terrific ‘Twigs & Bone’ premieres at Nu Sass

To the sound and lighting falls the task of making the gothic horror erupt — and by god do they deliver.

Revenge for slavery incites ‘Nat Turner in Jerusalem’ at NextStop

In the title role, Kevin Thorne gives a performance of contained power that commands the stage.

Ionesco’s ‘Rhinocéros!’ from Pointless actually has a point

It prompts a provocative question: Just who are the rhinos today?

‘Grace,’ an overwhelming show of gratitude, premieres at Ford’s Theatre

Nolan Williams, Jr.'s compassionate new musical about Black family and culture is unstoppably entertaining.

Ryan J. Haddad’s brilliant ‘Hi, Are You Single?’ dazzles at Woolly...

The actor-playwright is asking us to be intimate with him. Don’t turn the invitation down.

A richly illuminating ‘Merchant of Venice’ for our time at Shakespeare...

The production is brilliant and breathtakingly alive, and John Douglas Thompson's performance as Shylock is not to be missed.

‘Camelot’ reigns at Riverside Center for the Performing Arts

The performances and vocals are stunning, and the live music continues to earn accolades as one of Riverside’s biggest draws.

A kooky ‘Mother Goose’ charms the kids at Imagination Stage

Mother Goose herself is an ethereal, steampunk-styled lady who takes the audience through a silly, laugh-out-loud version of her 'typical day.'

A monumental cantata remembers George Floyd

'America’s Requiem: A Knee on The Neck' presented by The National Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorale, in partnership with The Washington Chorus, at Strathmore and Capital One Hall.

Two plays online from Essential Theatre offer reflections on faith

Read by strong and compelling casts, the plays explore the intersection of faith with some of humanity’s darkest and most desperate moments.

A gripping and electric ‘Private’ astounds at Mosaic

It’s as if the playwright has scripted the subtext of every relational betrayal and said all the quiet parts out loud.

Sitcom humor and family realness in ‘Folks at Home’ at Baltimore...

R. Eric Thomas’s comedy featuring an interracial gay couple is a great play with a lot to say.