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Women’s Voices Theater Festival 2018

The Women’s Voices Theater Festival 2018 kicks off this week, and DC Metro Theater Arts is excited to cover this important event.

For the Women’s Voices Theater Festival, 24 plays penned by female playwrights will be produced at leading theaters in the DC and Baltimore metro areas over the course of the next two months.

The topics covered in the plays include the stories of women of color, immigration, warfare, incarceration, gun violence, sexual orientation, religion, mental illness, and many more.

DC Metro Theater Arts plans to review all 24 shows. In addition, we will provide both macro analyses of the over-arching topics addressed by the plays in the festival as well as interviews with individual playwrights, actors, and directors. We look forward to providing the community with a unique and thoughtful take on the Women’s Voices Theater Festival 2018’s wider meaning.


Dangereuse: The Two Noras: ‘Noura’ at the Shakespeare Theatre Company (Women’s Voices Theater Festival)

Noura, the story of a Chaldean Christian refugee from Iraq, is a magnificent production. The acting is first-rate, the technical aspects flawless, the whole experience complex and full of deep meaning. Directed by Joanna Settle, it contains some of the finest writing in the Women’s Voices Theater Festival. In addition to extensive research, playwright Heather […]

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Review: ‘No Word in Guyanese For Me’ by the Rainbow Theatre Project (Women’s Voices Theater Festival)

No Word In Guyanese For Me challenges our social conditioning around gender norms, identity, immigration, religion, and sexuality. Rainbow Theatre Project remounts this award-winning play by Wendy Graf in a sober and disarming way that leaves the audience wrestling with our own beliefs and experiences. The protagonist, Hanna, finds herself at odds with not merely […]

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Peepshow postcard 2

Review: ‘Peepshow’ at dog & pony dc

“Who here is a feminist?” asked the Ring Announcer (Amelia Hensley). As she signed, wearing a bright red pantsuit and standing on a thick padded mat as used for a contact-sport match, a nearby hearing actor translated. “Who here fights for gender equality?” As if on cue, hands went up in the audience. We were […]

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Familiar square

Review: ‘Familiar’ at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

When the 2018 Women’s Voices Theater Festival comes to a close and the hits to emerge from it are tallied, Danai Gurira’s comedy Familiar will surely be on the shortlist. Gurira’s play Eclipsed—a brutal story about a Liberian rebel war lord’s sex slaves and a female Liberian freedom fighter’s attempt to rescue them—had a hugely […]

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In the Moment: Interview with Patrick Lord, Projection Designer

For regular theater-goers, we have seen that projection design is not a fad or an eye-popping, one-time visual effect. Projection design has become an integral part of many a production’s overall design storytelling elements. As technology has rapidly evolved, so has the use of projection design to help tell a theatrical story. Projections add their […]

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skeleton fi

Review: ‘Skeleton Crew’ at Baltimore Center Stage (Women’s Voices Theater Festival)

As part of the Women’s Voices Theater Festival, to highlight the diversity and depth of new plays being written by women, Baltimore Center Stage showcases the fourth play of its 2017-18 season with acclaimed playwright and author Dominique Morisseau’s compellingly incisive, timely, and thought-provoking piece, Skeleton Crew. Skeleton Crew is the third play in Morisseau’s […]

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Review: ‘The Trojan Women Project’ at Brave Spirits (Women’s Voices Theater Festival)

Brave Spirits Theatre adds its distinctive style to the Women’s Voices Theatre Festival with The Trojan Women Project. It is a singular event. The Trojan Women Project is packed with moments of dramatic sizzle from verbal and physical pokes and prods, along with striking flashes of sinewy poetry; surrounded by grounded, bracingly delivered monologues exploring knotty […]

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WVTF feature image

In the Moment Part 2: Interviews with Playwrights Dominique Cieri, Wendy Graf and Hope Villanueva (Women’s Voices Theater Festival)

This is the second part of a two-part series of interviews with Women’s Voices Theatre Festival playwrights. In this series, I asked the same questions to a number of Women’s Voices Theatre Festival (WVTF) playwrights, questions designed to learn more about what led to the development of the play. This article is not about reviewing […]

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Katie Kleiger square

Magic Time!: Katie Kleiger on Bonding and Being a Warrior in ‘The Wolves’ at Studio Theatre (Women’s Voices Theater Festival)

The reason I asked to interview Katie Kleiger is that after I saw her in Sarah DeLappe’s The Wolves at Studio Theatre, I realized I had seen her on the same fourth-floor stage in Lucy Prebble’s The Effect. But the contrast between Kleiger’s performances in The Effect and The Wolves was so great I didn’t make the association […]

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Gloria_Sovereignty2 square

Magic Time!: Gloria Steinem Talks About ‘Sovereignty’ at Arena Stage (Women’s Voices Theater Festival)

“What Mary Kathryn Nagle has given us on stage tonight is the history we don’t learn,” said renowned feminist author and activist Gloria Steinem during one of the most buzzed-about talkbacks of the theater season. The occasion was a  Sunday night performance of Nagle’s Sovereignty, the electrifyingly illuminating new play now at Arena Stage directed by […]

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