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Rachel Menyuk (The Nun), and Maya Jackson (The Host). Photo by Mel Bieler.

‘Canterbury’ at Pointless Theatre by Pat Davis

It is not exactly Chaucer’s England. Here there are moat bears. There is chocolate, too, along with women who want inordinate quantities of it. Instead of passing the daffodils while on horseback, these pilgrims are in a bar. It is the night before they set off for Canterbury. Inn and bar owner Tabby (Maya Jackson), […]

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Part 3: ‘On the Road From Canterbury to Pointless Theatre’ by Scott Whalen

Found Object Puppetry Puppetry is one of the world’s oldest performance styles. It is an art that spans millennia, continents, cultures, and mediums. Whether it be banraku puppets from Japan or shadow puppets from China; marionettes from Germany or Jim Henson’s Muppets–all puppets have one thing in common: they are inanimate objects animated or manipulated  to […]

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