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2016 Capital Fringe Review: ‘The Importance of Normal’

Walking into Atlas’s Sprenger Theatre before the Naked Stark’s The Importance of Normal is a surreal experience. The off kilter bare wood set, with slanting platforms and chairs set up not quite right, is shrouded in a soft amber light.  Unidentifiable creaking sounds can be heard. Then there are the dancers, frozen eerily in unnatural […]

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Melissa Marie Hmelnicky (Woman). Photo courtesy of Forum Theatre.

‘We Tiresias’ at Forum Theatre by Mark Dewey

Tiresias Speaks Again at Forum Theater The opening scene of We Tiresias poses what appears to be a simple question: What if you could text a couple of your former selves and meet them for a drink? What would you talk about? What would you wear? It goes without saying that most of us would […]

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Yanomi Shoshinz received a special Director's Award for 'A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup.' Photo by Paul Gillis.

Theatermania’s ‘Capital Fringe Audience Awards’ Winners Announced

Preview Changes Theatermania.com announced this year’s Capital Fringe Audience Awards tonight. Here are this year’s winners: (1) Comedy: R.U.X. (Rockwell’s Universal seXbots) (2) Drama: We Tiresias (3) Musical Theatre & Opera: Superhero Celebrity Rehab: The Musical (4) Dance & Physical Theatre: Flight of Fancy (A Steampunk Ballet) (5)  Best Overall Show: Where in the World? The Untold […]

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a inatimate

Capital Fringe Review: ‘Inanimate Thoughts’ by Joel Markowitz

MashUp Contemporary Dance Company presented an energy-filled Inanimate Thoughts tonight at Gala Hispanic Theatre – the perfect venue to showcase the beautiful and breathtaking talents of its group of dancers: Noel Arreola, Katie Baines, Emily Brown, Sara Carter, Kristen Kelker, Lindley Mayer, Nicole McMaster, Katie Reese, Ashley Rogers, Angel Tyson, and Pam Wellington. With stunning choreography by […]

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a artist

Capital Fringe Review: ‘A is for Artist’ by Natalie McCabe

“Often times, I’ve observed that organizations feel forced to prioritize art, audience, and artist.  O Starsf the three, the artists are, more often than not, left to their own devices,” JR Russ, Vision Director of A Way of Life (AWoL) Productions states in his program notes. Indeed, in AWoL’s latest production, A is for Artist, […]

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a freshman

Capital Fringe Review: ‘The Freshman 15/Life in Transition’ by Derek Mong

the freshman 15/life in transition presents an intimate, honest look at the college experience for today’s young people. This performance is presented in a series of 15 vignettes that complicate the archetypical ‘college experience.’ Featuring a cast of six young people who range in age from recent high school graduates to recent college alumni, the cast paints […]

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a nnn

A Preview of ‘Nightmerica’ by B. Stanley

I receive mass email forwards from my right wing religious pro-military uncle in North Carolina every couple of weeks. Inevitably he has had something sent to him in a mass email forward that he feels he simply must forward to every member of our family, never mind that we may not share his enthusiasm for […]

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