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Review: ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ at Ghostlight Players and Clifton’s Got Drama by Leslie Anne Ross

Soaring performances in Glengarry Glen Ross As with most not-for-profit theatre, the richness is in the performances.  With Glengarry Glen Ross, we are rich indeed. Produced by Ghostlight Players and Clifton’s Got Drama, this production is led by the ever creative director, Leland Shook. Performed at the Clifton Town Hall, the cast spends their one hour, […]

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‘Shutter’ at The Alliance Theatre

In a house of Southern discomfort past history and brokenness is finally brought to the family dinner table after nearly 40 years. Shutter by Leslie Anne Ross captures the story of failure and redemption, hatred and love, tension and triumph for a small family in North Carolina through unique and relatable situations. Shutter follows newlywed […]

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Leslie Anne Ross’ ‘Shutter’ Opens Tomorrow Night at The Alliance Theatre by Darrell Poe and Alice Yarborough

Shutter – Play Background and Synopsis Shutter, written by local playwright Leslie Anne Ross, was originally written over 20 years ago – but many of the topics discussed in the play still resonate strongly with anyone who reads it. Love, loss, professional challenges, family dynamics. The work is semi-autobiographical – although there is a great deal […]

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‘The Meeting’ at Clifton Town Hall

“Hello – my name is  …  and I am an alcoholic.” These powerful words reverberated in the Clifton Town Hall as myself (and I am sure each member of the audience) recalled our personal experiences with friends and family who have dealt with the issue of recovery. The diversity of the talented cast was the […]

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‘Extremities’ at Molotov Theatre Group by John Stoltenberg

There’s dramatic tension—and then there’s traumatic tension. Molotov Theatre Group’s absolutely riveting production of Extremities—William Matrosimone’s wicked good play about a wicked rape attempt—delivers a sustained electric charge of tension of the dramatic sort, but now and again amps up the voltage to a point of potential trauma where a fuse might blow. The full-on experience of this […]

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Preparing for ‘Extremities’: What I Learned by Being Hogtied, Blindfolded and Stuffed in a Fireplace by Alex Zavistovich

The best qualities an actor can have (besides being real in the moment) are physical specificity, stillness and body confidence. It’s not for nothing that one of the classic one-liners of good acting is, “Don’t just do something – stand there.” My latest role –the scheming, manipulative antagonist in Molotov Theatre Group’s Extremities – is bringing […]

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Capital Fringe Review: ‘Mme. Macbeth’ by Anne Tsang

When you hear that a theater company is performing Shakespeare’s Macbeth, you probably think to yourself “Oh yea…I know Macbeth. How will this be any different from all the other times I’ve seen this show?” Well, if you go see King’s Players Mme. Macbeth at this year’s Fringe show, you are in for a surprise! […]

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