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Review: ‘Aglaonike’s Tiger’ at Venus Theatre

Aglaonike’s Tiger, written by Claudia Barnett and directed by Deborah Randall, is playing now at the Venus Theatre in Laurel, MD. The drama is based on the first recorded woman astronomer of Ancient Greece. Aglaonike (Ann Fraistat) seems to have been one of the first accurate prognosticators of the phases of the moon and lunar […]

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Review: ‘Tunnel Vision’ at Venus Theatre

Tunnel Vision, written by Andrea Lepcio and directed by Deborah Randall, at Venus Theatre is a powerful and a thought-provoking play. Venus Theatre, under the direction of Founder Deborah Randall, has developed into an venue for plays that deal with women’s and children’s issues, and has become a voice for their causes. Tunnel Vision is in the […]

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Review: ‘Rock the Line’ at Venus Theatre Company

In the program note for Rock the Line, Playwright Kathleen Warnock describes her new play as, “Kind of like Waiting for Godot, if Godot really came and played electric guitar.” As it turns out, this is actually a pretty accurate sentiment. As in Beckett or Chekhov, nothing much happens in Rock the Line, at least […]

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The Women’s Voices Theater Festival: ‘Raw’ at Venus Theatre Company

Among other notable experiences I’ve had during the Women’s Voices Theatre Festival, I can now say I’ve been admonished by a cow. Please don’t think I’m being derogatory. Because in Venus Theatre’s second entry into the Women’s Voices Theatre Festival, Raw, by Baltimore-based playwright Amy Bernstein, the central character is indeed a fired-up bovine committed […]

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‘Virus Attacks Heart’ at Venus Theatre Company

Virus Attacks Heart, a new play by Australian playwright Shannon Murdoch, is a romance for people who don’t do romances. It’s a horror story of a relationship that makes you ache for an intimacy as deep as the one on stage. It’s a kitchen table drama spiked with Viagra, or, conversely, the most sophisticated porno […]

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Sarah (Kelsey Painter) and Coach (James Jager). Photo by Curtis Jordan.

‘Following Sarah’ at Venus Theatre by Amanda Gunther

When faced with the pressures of life at what point does it all become too much to handle? A deeply moving and richly emotional tale of struggle and acceptance during the delicate years of high school crosses the finish line as the Venus Theatre’s first production of their Lucky 13th Season. The official Washington D.C. […]

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