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Review: ‘RIOT’ at The Highwood Theatre

Last night in a small, tucked-away space in Silver Spring, I watched a “real time” drama so exciting and original, so drop-dead funny and knock-out suspenseful, that I left the theater dazed and euphoric. The play is called Riot. It takes place in Sam’s Coffee Shop—a room of not more than 600 square feet that Set […]

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‘Emptying the Skies’ at the Environmental Film Festival

The 22nd annual Environmental Film Festival in the nation’s capital might cynically be described as the herding of backpack-wearing “woolly hippies” by greenback-seeking scientists and lobbyists. But anyone can pan for gold among 200 green-hued movies slotted over two weeks – on screens ranging from E Street Cinema and the Smithsonian to the GALA Hispanic […]

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