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Aglaonikes Tiger Featured Image

Review: ‘Aglaonike’s Tiger’ at Venus Theatre

Aglaonike’s Tiger, written by Claudia Barnett and directed by Deborah Randall, is playing now at the Venus Theatre in Laurel, MD. The drama is based on the first recorded woman astronomer of Ancient Greece. Aglaonike (Ann Fraistat) seems to have been one of the first accurate prognosticators of the phases of the moon and lunar […]

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Square CHALK 2

Review: ‘Chalk’ at We Happy Few Productions

There’s an ancient child-custody legend about two women who claim to be the mother of the same infant. In the well-known Hebrew Bible version, their dispute is resolved when King Solomon orders the child to be sliced in half—and the true mother wails, Don’t kill it, let her have it! In the classic Chinese verse […]

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‘dry bones rising’ at Venus Theatre Company

In her program note, director (and founder of Venus Theatre Company) Deborah Randall has this to say about her company’s newest play, dry bones rising: “The style… could be described as ee cummings meeting Mary Shelley at a mutual friend’s bat mitzvah.” This cryptic description makes more sense in the light of the following facts: […]

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‘We Are Samurai’ at Venus Theatre

Experiencing Venus Theatre’s production of Daria Miyeko Marinelli’s We Are Samurai feels something like when your dad threw you into the deep end so you could learn to swim. At first, it is scary and a bit overwhelming; but when you begin to find your rhythm and get the hang of what’s going on in […]

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Sarah (Kelsey Painter) and Coach (James Jager). Photo by Curtis Jordan.

‘Following Sarah’ at Venus Theatre by Amanda Gunther

When faced with the pressures of life at what point does it all become too much to handle? A deeply moving and richly emotional tale of struggle and acceptance during the delicate years of high school crosses the finish line as the Venus Theatre’s first production of their Lucky 13th Season. The official Washington D.C. […]

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