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Capital Fringe Review: ‘Mme. Macbeth’ by Anne Tsang

When you hear that a theater company is performing Shakespeare’s Macbeth, you probably think to yourself “Oh yea…I know Macbeth. How will this be any different from all the other times I’ve seen this show?” Well, if you go see King’s Players Mme. Macbeth at this year’s Fringe show, you are in for a surprise! […]

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DCMetroTheaterArts is One Year Old Today!

DCMetroTheaterArts is one year old today. Thanks to all our readers for supporting and visiting our site. A special thank you to the theatre and arts communities who welcomed us and reached out to help us and support our efforts. And to all the following DCMTA writers and staff and volunteers who helped make this […]

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My Favorite Quotes From DCMTA’s 5 Star ‘Best Shows’ for December 8-14th

Here’s my favorite quotes from our 5-star reviews of our ‘Best Shows’ for December 8-14th. Here we go! (1) Barbara Cook’s Spotlight: Judy Kuhn at The Kennedy Center. Jennifer Perry: “Likewise, her performance of the encore number, “Someone Else’s Story” (from Andersson/Ulvaeus’ Chess), made it easy to see why the composers wrote the song specifically for her for the […]

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Craig Wallace and Joe Isenberg. Photo by Danisha Crosby.

‘Young Robin Hood’ at Round House Theatre by Anne Tsang

The world premiere of Young Robin Hood, written by Jon Klein, at Round House Theatre, is a multi-faceted show. At first look, the production, directed by Derek Goldman, seems to be a simple story of the ever-familiar legend of Robin Hood, but on deeper reflection, the show is something so much more – a swashbuckling […]

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Left - Joe Brack  Right: Danny Cackley. Photo by Jack N. Benstock.

‘The Santaland Diaries’ by Anne Tsang

When I was first introduced to David Sedaris in college, I was hooked from the first word by his sardonic humor. The Santaland Diaries, chronicles his adventures (or should I say mis-adventures?) as an elf working in Macy’s Santaland. The show, adapted by Joe Mantello, directed by Matty Griffiths, and starring the comedic genius Joe […]

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Jared (Adi Stein) emphatically claims to Joyce (MaryBeth Wise) and Phyllis (Susan Lynskey) that he is not “retarded” and that he does not have Aspbergers. Photo by C. Stanley Photgraphy.

‘Body Awareness’ at Theater J by Anne Tsang

Theater J is starting its 2012-2013 “This is Who We Are” season with the captivating, poignant, and humorous Body Awareness by Annie Baker. Body Awareness, directed by Eleanor Holdridge, is set in the fictional Vermont town of Shirley and revolves around the non-traditional family formed by Phyllis (Susan Lynskey), a psychology professor at Shirley State […]

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Insurance investigator James T. Shannon (Jeff Mocho) admonishes Abie Moscovitz (Larry Levinson), the owner of a one-man tailor shop on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, in the Dead Cat's production of 'The Interview.'

Capital Fringe Review: ‘The Interview’ by Anne Tsang

“I didn’t make these decisions, they were made by people much smarter than you or I” says James Shannon in Peter Swet’s The Interview, currently playing at the Capital Fringe Festival. That’s the way I felt when I signed up to review this show. This show wasn’t one of the ones I had originally picked […]

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Junior (Jim Epstein) and Rose (Vanessa Bradchulis) sitting in their trailer home. Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

‘Qualities of Starlight’ at Source Festival by Anne Tsang

This year’s Source Festival shows are divided into three themes each one based on a full length play. The set of Rites of Passage themed plays looks at the moments in our life that define who we are and give meaning and purpose to our existence. Gabriel Jason Dean’s Qualities of Starlight, directed by Sasha Bratt, […]

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Morgan (Jennifer Restak) is terrified as she realizes the woman on the subway that has been ignoring her (left, KyoSin Kang) is actually a spirit that only she can see. Kenneth (Sam Phillips) is trying to keep her calm. Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

Source Festival: ‘Ethereal Encounters’ by Anne Tsang

Summer in DC is one of my favorite times because it means theater festival time! First up, is CulturalDC’s three-week long Source Festival, now celebrating its fifth year. The festival’s three full length plays, eighteen 10-minute plays, and three Artistic Blind dates are grouped into three themes – Redeeming Demons, Rites of Passage, and Ethereal Encounters. […]

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Lyse (Gwen Grastorf) cunningly tricks Matamore (Scott McCormick) into going to the secret rendezvous of the forbidden lovers, Clindor and Isabelle. Photo by Melissa Blackall.

‘The Illusion’ at Forum Theatre by Anne Tsang

Forum Theater’s production of Tony Kushner’s The Illusion, directed by Mitchell Hébert, entrances the audience right from the start. As the magician Alacandre says,“When you start these things, you never know how it’s going to end.” Little did I know how right she was! Kushner’s adaptation of Pierre Corneille’s L’Illusion Commique is a comical and philosophical commentary […]

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