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Jamar Williams and Savannah L. Jackson. Photo by Bill Hebert.

Review: ‘Passing Strange’ at The Wilma Theater

“Life is a mistake that only art can correct.” That’s not a line you’d expect to hear at a rock and roll show, is it? But Passing Strange isn’t your typical rock show, or musical, or biography. It examines the intersection of life and art, inspiration and creation, not to mention race and class. And while […]

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2017 FringeArts Festival Philadelphia

2017 Philadelphia Fringe Festival Review: ‘Kink Haüs’ by Gunnar Montana at The Latvian Society

Sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll have long been the rallying cry of post-modern youth, and Gunnar Montana takes that hedonistic call to its most emphatic, explicit, and artistic extremes in Kink Haüs. Inspired by the underground nightclubs of Berlin (one of which had denied him entry), the unabashed multi-disciplinary artist/devisor/dancer/choreographer (who also serves as producer and […]

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Cabaret feature image

Review: ‘Cabaret’ at the Academy of Music

Some shows never get old or lose their impact. The national tour of Roundabout Theatre Company’s Tony Award-winning revival of Cabaret, making its Philadelphia premiere for a limited run this week at the Academy of Music, is still as stunning as the original by Joe Masteroff (book), John Kander (music), and Fred Ebb (lyrics) was when […]

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Review: ‘The Three Penny Opera’ at Spotlighters Theatre

Ever-willing to mount bold musicals with large casts you’d never expect to see in such an intimate, cozy space (remember last year’s gorgeous Evita?), Fuzz Roark at Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre (“Spotlighters”) has done it again. Spotlighters’ first show of 2017 proves once again that you really can fit a big Broadway musical into a […]

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2016 FringeNYC Review: ‘Einstein!’

15,000 documents ÷ 3 years of intensive research + 1 actor x 9 characters = the formula for success with Einstein! Written and performed by Jack Fry, the one-man tour-de-force brings the titular genius of relativity back from the dead to correct the public misconceptions about him and his life. Based on a treasure trove […]

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“A Shiver Goes Down My Spine”: An Interview with Playwright Andrea Stolowitz on Her Play ‘Schlüterstraße 27’

“I’m trying to find everyone. Everyone of my generation.” “We are all screaming across time . . . we feel comfortable here.” Summary: In 1936, Dr. Max Cohnreich escapes Berlin, Germany, and arrives in NYC, settling there with his immediate family. In 1939, he writes about his experiences in a diary. In 2013, his great-granddaughter, […]

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Review: ‘Kabarett & Cabaret’ at The In Series

Like Liza Minnelli’s in Cabaret, the unforgettable image of Marlene Dietrich hovers over Kabarett & Cabaret, a production of the 2015-16 In Series at the Source Theatre. Kabarett & Cabaret: An Evening of Songs by the Jewish Emigres in Hollywood’s 1940s celebrates the lives of such varied artists as Arnold Schoenberg, Kurt Weill, and Erich Wolfgang […]

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Donate to Help Director Gabriele Jakobi With Her Medical Bills

In June 2015,  Theater Director Gabriele Jakobi (Gabi)  suffered a serious stroke while preparing to direct Chekov’s The Three Sisters for Scena Theatre in Washington, DC. As a result, her medical bills are tremendous and rising each day. Also, since she was in America when she had this stroke, many of her medical and rehabilitation bills are not being covered by her socialized healthcare […]

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‘Cabaret’ at The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts

The Theatre Lab lived up to its reputation as one of the most beloved and well-respected acting training grounds in the DC metro area with its teen production of Cabaret, directed by Caroline Angell and music directed by Joshua Coyne. The Theatre Lab’s Musical Theatre Institute for Teens brought the timeless and eternally relevant musical […]

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‘The Human Capacity’ at University of Maryland School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies

“Everyone is born with the capacity for cruelty and for mercy.”  It’s what we do with that capacity that defines our fate. The University of Maryland School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies’ production of The Human Capacity examines whether one’s present actions can truly reconcile actions of the past. Written by University of Maryland […]

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Small Crowds, New Spaces: An Introduction to Nu Sass Productions’ Small Batch Audience Series by Aubri O’Connor

“The audience is the most revered member of the theater. Without an audience there is no theater.” – Viola Spolin. Next week sees the jump of Nu Sass Productions from a primarily Fringe-only company to the independent theatre scene in DC (Co-Producer Aubri O’Connor’s words) – but it’s a step that only a select few […]

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Standout CDs of Three Rising Classical Artists: Einav Yarden, Yevgeny Kutik, and Danielle Talamantes

Debut recordings by emerging classical performers face enormous challenges. There’s the issue of finding unique material or a unique voice after so much music has been recorded so many times. And just to get these projects done, there’s a huge financing and marketing challenge in the rapidly changing music industry. Three of the artists I’ve […]

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The Playwright’s Playground: The Playmakers CATF 2014: Associate Producing Director Peggy McKowen Looks Ahead to the 25th Anniversary and Talks About Contributing to a Culture of “YES,” Motherhood and the Changing Look of Theatre

The curtain closed yesterday, August 3, 2014, on the 24thseason of five plays at the Contemporary American Theater Festival, but the anticipation to next season’s 25th anniversary has already started. There is something to be said about that phrase ‘saving the best for last’, as I had the honor of engaging in an extended conversation with Peggy […]

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‘Blue Man Group’ at National Theatre

What do you get when you mix 10 gallons of blue paint, 360 pounds of Jell-O, 15 pounds of Cap’n Crunch cereal, 30 boxes of Twinkie Lights, 550 feet of PVC piping, and 40 drum heads? A theatrical masterpiece in the most superlative sense. Created by Chris Wink, Matt Goldman, and Phil Stanton in 1987, […]

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‘Ben Folds Solo’ at Lisner Auditorium

If piano men Elton John and Billy Joel got together to have a son, he might look and sound a lot like Ben Folds. Wait. That’s talkin’ ’bout my generation. Still, 47-year-old singer-songwriter Folds bridges the generational and stylistic gap. He sits somewhere between dweeb and hipster, blue-collar and #firstworldproblem bluesman, mixing the rollicking, honky-tonk […]

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‘The Old Masters’ at Washington Stage Guild by Leslie Weisman

We Washingtonians take pride in accomplishment, and in being duly recognized for it. And strongly dislike having our expertise challenged—particularly, publicly. Fortunately, most of us don’t have our reputations riding on being right. Or millions of dollars. Not to mention 400-year-old legacies. But then, most of us do not spend our days in Italian villas, […]

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Shannon McArdle (Emcee) and cast member of 'Cabaret.' Photo by Jeff Watts.

‘Cabaret’ at American University by Alexa Kelly

“Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!” the master of ceremonies begins, with an eerie grin. But you never really feel welcome, or at home. Nor would you want to. In American University’s production of the musical Cabaret, you are forced into the underbelly of 1930s Berlin. From the get-go, you know that there is something sinister growing here, […]

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