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Mary Tuomanen. Photo courtesy FringeArts.

Review: ‘Hello! Sadness!’ at FringeArts

Mary Tuomanen’s fiercely political solo performance Hello! Sadness! dreamily jolts through time and space. It blends together disparate historic figures and fictional characters, from Joan of Arc and the actress who embodied her on film, Jean Seberg, to Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton, to Hamlet, and to Tuomanen herself. Tuomanen’s work comes at a […]

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Review: ‘Black Nativity’ at ANKH Repertory Theatre and The Finest! Performance Foundation

Productions of Langston Hughes’ holiday classic Black Nativity are numerous in the DC area this holiday season, but the joint production by ANKH Repertory Theatre and The Finest! Performance Foundation offers an updated, thought-provoking version of this holiday classic. You may have seen Black Nativity before, but you’ve never seen it like this. Originally premiering […]

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Review: The Second City’s ‘Black Side of the Moon’ at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

The Second City’s Black Side of the Moon— the Chicago-based comedy troupe’s first foray into post-Obama politics—launched the holiday season this week with an African-American cast and a show that is more like theatre than cabaret. Joining forces with Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company—its DC collaborator since 2009—Black Side of the Moon is a combination of […]

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Review: Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF): ‘20th Century Blues’

Susan Miller’s 20th Century Blues, which opened last weekend at Shepherdstown’s Contemporary American Festival, speaks right from the heart of successful, east coast boomer women. Four 60-something women meet for the 40th annual anniversary of the night they spent in jail in the 1970s. Each year, Danny, the photographer, has captured their group’s heart and soul in black and white. Now, with her […]

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Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF) Playwrights’ Interviews: Part 2: Christina Anderson and “pen/man/ship”

Here is Part 2 of 5 interviews by Sharon J. Anderson, Contemporary American Theater Festival Trustee/Professional Story Listener and Creative Director. Meet Playwright Christina Anderson and learn about her play pen/man/ship. Sharon: This is a big play with a small cast. It deals with black/white, rich/poor, male/female, young/old, free/slave, and gay/straight issues . . . do you need […]

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Talking With 16 Year-Old Amir Randall on Playing Trayvon Martin in ‘The Ballad of Trayvon Martin’ at New Freedom Theatre

“Without these people, I would just be another black boy passing on the street” “The Ballad of Trayvon Martin by Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj and Thomas J. Soto is a poetic docudrama inspired by the death of teenager Trayvon Martin inside a private gated community in Florida. Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a […]

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Review: Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’

We should have known. Beyoncé dropped Formation in February, a song, a music video, and a Super Bowl performance that laid it all out: Yoncé was a black woman, a beautiful, successful, Southern Black Woman, a fierce poet warrior for #BlackLivesMatter (I dare you not to get choked up when the video cuts from that […]

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‘A Conversation With the Man Who Killed My Son’ at Dynamic Wellness

Twice a week in this land of the free, a white police officer kills a black person—this according to under-reported stats from the FBI. From the official law-enforcement point of view, these are considered justifiable homicides. From another point of view, a political one, these are considered extrajudicial killings—lethal shots triggered by racial profiling, not […]

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Magic Time! ‘Unpacking Racism’: A Q&A with Psalmayene 24, Director of Forum Theatre’s ‘The Shipment’

Before I spoke with Psalmayne 24 about his direction of The Shipment—which plays through June 13, 2015, at Forum Theatre—I read the play by Young Jean Lee. John: I found the script powerful and deep. It’s a really disruptive depiction of race and racism. Theatrically it’s almost shocking in its originality of form.  Psalm: Yes, yes […]

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