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UrbanAria’s ‘Blue Viola’ at Artisphere

Feelin’ Blue? Are you a violist who’s feeling unwanted and underappreciated? Then run down to UrbanArias‘ entertaining and high-strung English sung short opera Blue Viola, and you’ll be playing more inspiring music when you leave the intimate Artisphere Black Box. Do you own a Stradivarius violin? Then you too should be russian over there, and I […]

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Director of Artistic Programming at Arena Stage Robert Barry Fleming on ‘Blue Viola’ Playing Tomorrow and Sunday

Michael: Introduce yourself to our readers, and tell us the kind of work that you do. Robert: I work to realize the artistic vision and mission of Arena Stage in our practical day-to-day business and operations, so primarily I serve in a supervisory capacity to all dramaturgical, literary, and casting activities, lead season planning and […]

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