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Magic Time!: ‘The Trial’ at Synetic Theater

Kafka’s nightmare novel about a man named Joseph K—who is arrested, detained, and tried but never told what he has done wrong—would seem perfect for Synetic Theater’s magic touch. A promising opportunity to use its magnificent design, choreographic, and musical talents in service to a surreal story with unmistakable relevance today. A potential parable about […]

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Review: ‘Knuffle Bunny’ at Adventure Theatre MTC

To the delight of children and children at heart, Adventure Theatre’s 2016/17 season kicked off yesterday with Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical. Based on Mo Willem’s first Knuffle Bunny book, the musical follows Trixie and her father as they journey to a laundromat with Trixie’s beloved stuffed companion in tow. Drama and hilarity ensue when […]

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Review: ‘Floyd Collins’ at 1st Stage

“No more plowing a hard-scrabble field, I just know it’s my lucky day!” Evan Casey’s voice rings through the 1st Stage Theater as he navigates the narrow confines of a deep underground cave. His character, Floyd Collins, is searching for a way out of the hard-scrabble Kentucky “cave country” life of the 1920s, a life […]

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‘Big Love’ at The Catholic University of America

The façade of an Italian courtyard stands ominously on the Hartke stage as the audience files in. A single girl is seated at a table, surrounded by a bathtub and a piano. Everything is pristine and white, but not for long. Pretty soon, tomatoes and blood will be flying since all bets are off in […]

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Spooky Action Theater’s ‘Don’t Complain’ Plays Tonight Through October 25th

A soaring, poetic Irish ghost story for the Women’s Voices Theater Festival Spooky Action Theater launches its 2015-2016 Season with a World Premiere: Can’t Complain by Christine Evans Directed by Michael Bloom Featuring Cornelia Hart, Wendy Wilmer, Tonya Beckman, Nicole Ruthmarie, and Eric M Messner. Spooky Action Theater opens its 2015-2016 season on October 1 […]

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‘Jarry Inside Out’ at Spooky Action Theater

The author of the infamous Ubu Roi, the play which proudly proclaims high culture as but “pshit” sculpted into attractive façades, Alfred Jarry is now the subject of a new script playing at Spooky Action Theater. Freely adapted from the life and work of Alfred Jarry by Spooky Action Artistic Director Richard Henrich, the script […]

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‘Old Wicked Songs’ at 1st Stage

Occasionally, a show blows me away and I want to grab the arm of people walking by on the street and steer them to the production. “Come. Join in experiencing this beautiful piece of art.” This is the reason why I write reviews of plays. I get to witness many performances and then share what […]

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Here Are The Recipients of This Year’s 2015 Helen Hayes Awards – in Order of Presentation With 2 Videos

 Here are the recipients of the 2015 Helen Hayes Awards  in the order they were announced tonight at The Lincoln Theatre.   THE RECIPIENTS ARE IN RED! Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Play-HELEN Production Bonita Brisker Seven Guitars No Rules Theatre Company Katy Carkuff One Man, Two Guvnors 1st Stage Maggie Erwin Failure: A Love Story […]

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‘G-d’s Honest Truth’ at Theater J

Illusions and dreams are often enough the stuff needed to help us keep on truckin’ through life. Certainly Prospero in The Tempest and Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon suggested it was so. But, neither of those iconic productions have the wild start that the audience is given at Theater J with the premiere of […]

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‘Kwaidan’ at Spooky Action Theater

The invention and innovativeness of Spooky Action Theater are endless, and for the first time they are using the entire physical space of The Universalist National Memorial Church – where they have made their theatrical home for the last four years -to mount their latest milestone, Kwaidan. The transportive debut of this theatrical staging marks […]

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‘The Two-Character Play’ at Spooky Action Theater by Sydney-Chanele Dawkins

Who doesn’t love a play about the theater? A play-within-a-play, a set-within-a-set, and the juxtaposition of identity and personality between two characters are the primary set up for Tennessee Williams’ enigmatic, The Two-Character Play, currently on stage at Spooky Action Theater and directed by Richard Henrich. To be clear there are four characters in this […]

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