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An Interview with Rusty Bolts and Bella LaBlanc of ‘Glit-O-Rama: Night of the Living Glitter’

One of the awesome things (perhaps the most awesome) about burlesque, sideshow, and variety is, in this age of speeding technological advances – they are retro art forms. And what evokes a bygone era more than a circus strongman? I chatted recently with strongman Rusty Bolts and burlesquer/maven Bella LaBlanc about their upcoming show Night […]

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‘Jekyll & Hyde’ at The Kennedy Center by Mara Bayewitz

Jekyll and Hyde is simply miraculous, and chilling, sexy, romantic, ironic, dangerous, tragic, jaded, modern, classic, kinky, edgy, and absolutely spectacular. The musical is based on the acclaimed novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, about a London doctor who accidentally unleashes his evil alternate personality in his quest to […]

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