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Review: ‘Emilie’ at Avant Bard

Life is full of unanswered questions. But in Lauren Gunderson’s play, Emilie: La Marquise Du Châtelet Defends Her Life Tonight, the title character is given a second chance. Avant Bard is currently showing this fascinating story about the 18th-century French female philosopher, mathematician, physicist, and author, Emilie Du Châtelet, who, through a rare gift of space […]

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Dangereuse: ‘Emilie’ by Lauren Gunderson at WSC Avant Bard

Emilie Our Contemporary Emilie du Châtelet, scientist, mathematician, lover of Voltaire, genius, is a perfect example of the power of women in the 18th century and today. Many of the challenges to women of the past are still with us: gender, racial, sexual preference, religious and ethnic discrimination. There is violence against women, sexual assault, and […]

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The Cast of 'Back to Methuselah Part 3.' Photo by C Stanley Photograph.

Review: ‘Back to Methuselah Part 3: As Far as Thought Can Reach’ at Washington Stage Guild

George Bernard Shaw loves words. Even his stage directions are wordy. He also loved ideas, philosophy, aesthetics, politics… In Back to Methuselah Part 3: As Far as Thought Can Reach, Shaw reaches that love’s zenith. The words roll, the ideas thunder, the philosophy rains, the aesthetics flood, the politics drown. And with it, The Washington […]

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Review: ‘Great Expectations’ at Everyman Theatre

Everyman Theatre (“Everyman”) continues its 2016/2017 season with an ambitious production: Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. A work of literature epic in scope and scale, the most notable challenge in this version of the piece – as adapted for the stage by Gale Childs Daly – is that a cast of merely six actors is tasked […]

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DCMetroTheaterArts’ Best of 2016 #9: Best Performances and Ensembles in Plays in Professional Theaters in DC/MD/VA

DCMetroTheaterArts’ Best of 2016 #9: Best Performances in Musicals in Professional Theaters in DC, MD, and VA Are: Gassan Abbas in I Shall Not Hate at Mosaic Theater Company of DC. Lizzi Albert as Anne Boleyn in Anne of the Thousand Days at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company. Megan Anderson as Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire at Everyman Theatre. Megan Anderson […]

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Review: ‘The Gospel According to Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens, and Count Leo Tolstoy: Discord’ at Washington Stage Guild

In the beginning was the Word–In the beginning was Reason–In the beginning was the Spirit. In the beginning was… Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens and Leo Tolstoy (he renounced his “Count” status) wrote their own versions of the Bible, with particular emphasis on the New Testament. Like those who have compiled bibles before them, they chose […]

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‘Back to Methuselah’ at Washington Stage Guild (Review)

George Bernard Shaw wrote Back to Methuselah (A Metabiological Pentateuch) during World War I, with its assassination, its trench warfare, its chemical attacks, its all-too-human brutality unleashed — and, of course, its Sun Never Sets British Empire. Like many Europeans, Shaw experienced the catastrophe with a profound sense of tragedy: the West and its supremacist […]

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Capital Fringe 2014 Review: ‘The Duchess of Malfi’

(Best of the Capital Fringe) Setting aside certain things about this performance is difficult. They are greedy, selfish, and cruel. Greedy for deciding they should hoard such a mountain of talent in one cast. Selfish for thinking that they should each get to play multiple, amazing roles. And cruel for tearing my heart out through […]

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Reporting from The Page-to-Stage Festival: ‘The Three Musketeers’ and ‘The Young Spectaculars and the Front Yard Adventure‘ by Lauren Katz

This Labor Day weekend, the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts hosts the 12th annual Page-to-Stage Festival. Featuring over 40 theatre companies from the Washington DC area, the festival allows theatergoers to witness readings and excerpts from new works. I personally had the opportunity to observe only a couple of the many plays premiering through this […]

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Brit Herring and Steve LaRocque. Photo by St. Johnn Blondell.

‘A Walk in the Woods’ at Quotidian Theatre by Jessica Vaughan

Quotidian Theatre Company heats up the Cold War with Lee Blessing’s classic, A Walk in the Woods. Quotidian’s mission is to present theater about real life with “no-frills acting“ or special effects but with big themes and important truths. A Walk in the Woods fits perfectly in their repertoire. It is a deceptively simple piece about two men who take […]

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