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Review: ‘A Bid to Save the World’ at Rorschach Theatre

Imagine a world in which death no longer exists. Rorschach Theatre’s current production of A Bid to Save the World – a new play by California based playwright Erin Bregman – asks audiences to do just that. The play, with bold and colorful direction by Lee Liebeskind, explores humanity’s relationship with death, drawing on ancient […]

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Review: ‘Fear’ at Longacre Lea

Let’s say a wealthy patron approaches an ensemble theatre company with a proposition: “Shakespeare? Why so much Shakespeare? Why so revered? Surely, other playwrights deserve having theatre companies named after them as well?” Theatre people will probably have their answers. I have mine: after all, Shakespeare is America’s number one playwright (mistake intentional). When Peter Sellers […]

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Review: Source Festival 2016: ‘Entanglement’: Artistic Blind Dates

Tangled Up in Time Cultural DC’s Source Festival 2016 kicked off with Entanglement, an immersive piece of theatre written and performed by Claire Alrich, Maryam Foye, and Britney Mongold  — three women who were perfect strangers just four months ago. Entanglement is one of Source Festival’s three Artistic Blind Dates, wherein three artists combine their diverse […]

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Flying V and National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts Bring Back Cap Fringe 2014’s Best Musical ‘You, or Whatever I Can Get’ to the Silver Spring Black Box Theatre From 2/11-2/27

Coming off the successful, sold out, workshop production at the 2014 Capital Fringe Festival, Flying V brings back its award winning original musical (Best Musical, 2014 CapFringe), YOU, OR WHATEVER I CAN GET in an more fully fleshed-out and even more Awesome elaboration on the original script! The walk of shame, that guy who’s always on […]

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Midsummer 200x200 72dpi

Review: ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at WSC Avant Bard

Each year, Shakespeare is the most frequently produced playwright in America, and his A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of the Bard’s most frequently produced plays. So if you’re going to produce it, you’d better have a fresh hook. WSC Avant Bard’s production, directed by Randy Baker, does: Midsummer‘s fairy-filled forest now has shadow puppets: […]

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‘Glassheart’ at Rorschach Theatre by John Stoltenberg

The evening began enchantingly. The audience was seated on four sides of a square playing area lit by stage lighting, so we could look across and see one another’s faces in that wonderful expectant caesura between life and art. As the lights lowered, a dancerly figure emerged—a petite woman who moved with transfixing grace and […]

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