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2017 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Lazarus’

The notion that medical technology will one day enable human beings to live indefinitely is not just science fiction. Preventing the aging process (or “ending aging”) is an actual field of scientific research. The possibility of living forever is also the sort of plot device that could well be made into a play. It would […]

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Dangereuse: ‘King Lear’ at WSC Avant Bard

King Lear has sometimes been called the Everest of classical acting. Every great Shakespearean actor must sooner or later face the physically and emotionally exhausting task of playing the part. Some simply give up.  Albert Finney, when asked, is reported to have said; “Oh God, eight shows a week doing Lear – no, no, no.” […]

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Review: ‘King Lear’ at George Washington University

Director Leslie Jacobson has book-ended Shakespeare’s dark tragedy King Lear with lyrical and lovingly-lit tableaux of the mad king’s court as if in a fairy-tale photo op—Lear regal on his throne, his daughters adoring at his feet, his subjects surrounding him smiling ear to ear. These are before-and-happily-ever-after snapshots that would be perfect for a […]

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Review: ‘Mack, Beth’ at The Keegan Theatre

Chris Stezin’s adaptation of Macbeth, presented by Director Matt Ripa at The Keegan Theatre, is a daring attempt to bring one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies into the modern day. In this version, titled Mack, Beth, the king is Robert Duncan, founder and CEO of a massive tech empire. William Mackllraith and his wife Elizabeth, […]

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Review: ‘The Gulf’ at Signature Theatre

Signature’s premiere of The Gulf written by Audrey Cefaly is a daring dark venture about two women entwined with heartache and sadness. It is a scorching two-hander character study that takes place in the cramped intimacy of a small boat that is just plain stuck in some wicked shallows; the shallows of some backwater Alabama gulf […]

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Magic Time! ‘The Lonesome West’ at The Keegan Theatre

In real life, when we are spectators to two grown men facing off in dead-serious combat—right in front of us; with words, fists, lethal weapons, whatnot; unmediated by movies and such—our natural response is fright, for fear that the fight will get out of hand and include us. The more the conflict turns violent, the more urgently […]

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In the Moment: A Chat With Fight Choreographer Casey Kaleba

How often do we theater-goers find ourselves totally in disbelief when we witness stage violence or physicality? Do you, as I do, find yourself in complete awe of the unnerving movements and actions that seem so real -sometimes just inches from us? When I read scripts, I often notice that the playwright’s stage directions may […]

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Review: ‘The Lonesome West’ at The Keegan Theatre

The Keegan Theatre’s current and provocatively darkly comic production of Martin McDonagh’s The Lonesome West, written by the brilliant, raffish and audacious Irish playwright (The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Pillowman, etc.), is NOT about cowboys. Set in the West Ireland town of Leenane, the audience is greeted with familiar McDonagh terrain as we witness the […]

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Review: ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at National Players

National Players is presently in their 67th season, and they are currently performing Julius Ceasar, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and A Tale of Two Cities, as they travel around the country. The Players merged with Olney Theatre Center in 1953, and have been a fundamental part of the Theatre’s education department ever since. I had the great […]

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Review: ‘The Maid’s Tragedy’ at Brave Spirits Theatre

Death abounds in The Maid’s Tragedy. Be prepared for an avenging angel with a message and actions against the vicious power of a King and lascivious misogynist cultural values in Brave Spirits Theatre’s vigorous production of revenge theatre, The Maid’s Tragedy. There is a plenitude of calamity and spilt blood in this DC area premiere […]

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‘As You Like It’ at Annapolis Shakespeare Company

As You Like It, currently in production at Annapolis Shakespeare Company, lends a more updated version of William Shakespeare’s comedy. Circa 1930s bluegrass, this cast is widely diverse and wonderfully talented, as each actor takes on multiple roles. As You Like It, directed by Sally Boyett, is a charming romantic comedy. Both the set and […]

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2015 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Witches’

Brookland Artspace’s intimate dance studio-turned theater mythically transforms into medieval mayhem. The real life heroes and sorcerers at Red Knight Productions’ conjure up Witches, a fractured fairy tale well worth its magical delights on and off stage. Playwright and director, Scott Courlander, places Witches after the events of his two former works, Medieval Story Land […]

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‘The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek’ at The George Washington University’s Department of Theatre and Dance

There were many moments in Naomi Wallace’s The Trestle at Poe Lick Creek, as  interpreted by Director Jodi Kanter at The George Washington University’s Department of Theatre and Dance, when I inwardly and involuntarily went “wow”—beginning as soon as I saw the set. Scenic Designer Shirong Gu, a GW grad student, has erected on the Dorothy […]

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