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‘Making Sparks’: Meet the Managing Director, Cast, and Director of Theater Alliance’s ‘Spark’ Part 2: Sarah Strasser

Spark by Caridad Svich opens this weekend at the Anacostia Playhouse and runs through September 28, 2014. This gritty, powerful drama tells the story of a veteran returning from war, and the ongoing battle she and her family face to overcome economic challenges, emotional conflict, and the spectre of war that haunts them. Spark also opens […]

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The Playwright’s Playground: The Playmakers CATF 2014: Actress, Daphne Gaines Gives an Insider’s Look at ‘The Ashes Under Gait City’ and Her Simone the Believer Character

This Special Edition of The Playwright’s Playground continues The Playmaker Series: CATF 2014. In a series of in depth conversations, I speak with the artistic teams and talent associated with the plays at this year’s Contemporary American Theater Festival. It’s always refreshing and reaffirming to speak with artists who are not only passionate about the […]

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