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Clare O'Malley and Rachel O'Malley. Photo by Matt Urban/Mobius New Media.

Review: ‘Hetty Feather’ at Delaware Theatre Company

Nothing can keep Hetty Feather down. An orphan’s life is a hard one, especially in Victorian England – and Hetty has it harder than most orphans, spending years enduring cruel treatment in London’s Foundling Hospital. But in her mind, Hetty soars. And with the aid of a little stage magic (and a lot of remarkable […]

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2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival Review: ‘Surface Tension’ at Tangle Movement Arts

In Surface Tension, the Philadelphia-based circus arts company Tangle Movement Arts spotlights the skills of six female performers. They use ropes, swings, bungee cords, and aerial silks in a frequently dazzling display of aerial skill. The women of Tangle are almost constantly in motion, rising and descending on silks or spinning clockwise in a virtually […]

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Review: ‘RetroAct’ at Tangle Movement Arts in Philadelphia

When walking into Tangle Movement Arts’ RetroAct at the Neighborhood House in Philadelphia, there is the immediate feeling that expectations may be defied. There is energetic music playing. Ropes and silks hang from the ceiling. Several trapeze wait, suspended, hinting at what’s to come.  Ultimately, it all feels a little less like theatre and a little […]

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‘Circus’ at The Puppet Co. by Julia L. Exline

Juggling bears, flying trapezes, and tightropes! The Puppet Co. presents Circus, a spectacle of tricks and feats led by a band of marionettes, beautifully crafted by the talented Len and Pat Piper, Christopher and Mayfield Piper, and Allan Stevens. Set Designers Allan Stevens and Mayfield Piper frame the stage with a red and white striped […]

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