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Review: ‘Neverwhere’ at Rorschach Theatre

In 1582, a village parson heard the deathbed confession of a man named Richard Barley, who had married his butter churn. Barley claimed he had been bewitched into matrimony by a fairy called Apron Jon whom Barley had spurned at market. Barley knew the marriage wasn’t holy in the eyes of God, but remained with […]

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Review: ‘Hunting and Gathering’ at Rep Stage

Nostalgia for the rigors of big-city apartment hopping is the last thing one expects to find out in the suburbs of Howard County. But Rep Stage offers up that and more with its D.C.-area premiere of Brooke Berman’s Hunting and Gathering at Howard Community College. In Ms. Berman’s 2008 vision, there is an equivalency between […]

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Report on: ‘Suddenly Last Summmer’ and ‘Justice Disordered’ Readings at Rainbow Theatre Project

One of Tennessee Williams’ bleaker, darker plays,– the one-act dramatic cry of despair, Suddenly Last Summer (which was expanded beyond its more compressed scope in the famous Elizabeth Taylor film of the same name), played to a full-house as the latest offering from the highly experimental and exciting LGBTQ-focused Rainbow Theatre Project.  As produced on […]

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DCMetroTheaterArts’ Best of 2015 #8: Best Performances in a Play in Professional Theatres

The staff of DCMetroTheaterArts is honored to announce that their Best of 2015: Best Performances in Plays in Professional Theatres go to:  BEST ACTOR IN A PLAY Josh Adams as Billy in The Cripple of Inishmaan at Scena Theatre. Matthew Ancarrow and Robby Rose as ‘The Twins’ in The Comedy of Errors at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company. Aaron […]

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Magic Time! ‘World Builders’ at Forum Theatre

To judge by social media, love and madness are a thing. Here are a few choice examples now making the rounds in the meme-osphere: “Love is merely a madness….” (William Shakespeare) “There is always some madness in love….” (Friedrich Nietzsche) “When love is not madness, it is not love.” (Pedro Calderon de la Barca) Love […]

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‘World Builders’ by Forum Theatre at Woolly Mammoth

I first saw Johnna Adams’s World Builders this summer, when it premiered at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. I was immediately struck by the ingenuity of its premise and the artistic and creative implications of its design. Seeing it again, now by Forum Theatre and performed at Woolly Mammoth’s rehearsal room, […]

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‘The Typographer’s Dream’ at The Hub Theatre

In this town of powerful out-sized personalities of all persuasions, and the ever-increasing shift to delivery of entertainment through pixels and with headsets on, The Hub Theatre’s satisfying comic-drama production of The Typographer’s Dream is a God-send for those wanting a reminder of the sweet intimacy of thoughtful, small-scale, understated live theater. Written by Adam […]

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Here Are The Recipients of This Year’s 2015 Helen Hayes Awards – in Order of Presentation With 2 Videos

 Here are the recipients of the 2015 Helen Hayes Awards  in the order they were announced tonight at The Lincoln Theatre.   THE RECIPIENTS ARE IN RED! Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Play-HELEN Production Bonita Brisker Seven Guitars No Rules Theatre Company Katy Carkuff One Man, Two Guvnors 1st Stage Maggie Erwin Failure: A Love Story […]

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‘One Man, Two Guvnors’ at 1st Stage

1st Stage, One Man, Two Guvnors, Five Stars. Uproariously directed by Matthew R. Wilson, the madcap British farce, One Man, Two Guvnors, by Richard Bean, with songs by Grant Olding, is about a man who is trying to juggle two bosses. I loved it so much that I saw it twice this weekend, and I […]

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‘Lobster Alice’ at Flying V

Oh Frabjous Day!! I must say, the toves were slithy! And gyring and gimballing were happening all over the stage! And, this take on the creation of Alice in Wonderland really lived up to its promise. The surrealism of the piece could easily have torn the work from reality, but its firm grounding in the […]

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Source Festival: ‘Revenge: Six 10-Minute Plays’

Someone once said “revenge is sweet.” In the case of CulturalDC’s Source Festival show Revenge, not only is revenge sweet, but it is hilarious, thought-provoking, and at times a little frightening. Revenge, a series of six 10-minute plays is based on the full length play, The Thrush and the Woodpecker, and is also one of […]

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‘Richard III’ at NextStop Theatre Company by Sophia Howes

After the discovery of Richard III’s remains in a Leicester car park in August 2012, it was concluded that far from being a hunchback, as some have stated, he suffered from scoliosis, an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. He was, as Ross noted in his classic biography, small and slight (Richard III, Yale English […]

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‘Neverwhere’ at Rorschach Theatre by Amanda Gunther

You have a good heart, and sometimes it’s enough to see you through life, but mostly it’s not. A riveting urban fantasy from fiction-writer mastermind Neil Gaiman comes to life on the stage as Rorschach Theatre presents the area premier of Neverwhere, adapted for the stage by Robert Kauzlaric. Directed by Jenny McConnell Frederick, this […]

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Joe Cronin (Orrin Kinnicott), Caitlyn Conley (Slade Kinnicott), and Jon Townson (Leander Nolan). Photo by Johannes Markus.

‘Biography’ at The American Century Theater by Max Johnson

The American Century Theater (TACT) touts a mission statement dedicated to the production of “great, important, and worthy American plays of the twentieth century.” In their production of SN Behrman’s Biography, TACT went above and beyond their given goal, revitalizing a somehow forgotten gem of American drama into a thoroughly enthralling and precisely performed dissection […]

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Katie Nigsch-Fairfax (down left, as Athena Sinclair), Nora Achrati (down center, as Dora del Rio), Farrell Parker (down left, as Claudia McFadden), Sam Phillips (up left, as Otis), Matt Dougherty (up center, as Mr. Dunlap) and Daniel Corey (up right, as Francis) in the 1st Stage production of the comedy 'Suite Surrender.' Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

‘Suite Surrender’ at 1st Stage by Amanda Gunther

What happens when two of Hollywood’s biggest Divas end up at the same hotel for the same USO tour and they hate each other? They get booked into the same suite and chaos ensues, naturally. At least that’s what happens in Michael McKeever’s Suite Surrender at 1st Stage in Tysons Corner. Athena Sinclair and Claudia […]

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Junior (Jim Epstein) and Rose (Vanessa Bradchulis) sitting in their trailer home. Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

‘Qualities of Starlight’ at Source Festival by Anne Tsang

This year’s Source Festival shows are divided into three themes each one based on a full length play. The set of Rites of Passage themed plays looks at the moments in our life that define who we are and give meaning and purpose to our existence. Gabriel Jason Dean’s Qualities of Starlight, directed by Sasha Bratt, […]

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