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Review: ‘Hamlet’ at Shakespeare Theatre Company

The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s production of Hamlet, directed by Michael Kahn, is a rich, multi-layered interpretation of a uniquely great play. Hamlet is central to the Western literary tradition. Mark Rylance, whose Hamlet was by all accounts memorably deranged, remarked that, “There have been more books alone written about Hamlet than have been written about […]

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‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ at Scena Theatre

Scena Theatre has brought back its hit 2011 production of The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy of errors, and DC’s summer just got wittier and sweeter. In Scena’s delectable staging, the show plays like a clockwork confection, and serves up Wilde’s biting bon mots like a shop full of bon bons. With a […]

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In the Moment: ‘Anne & Emmett’ at MetroStage

Created and handsomely rendered with boundless love, heart and soul, the short-run Metro Stage/Race and Reconciliation in America (RARIA) production of Anne & Emmett was a production of grace and enlightenment. Its poignancy in the face of the theme of the crushing-out of the young lives of Anne Frank and Emmett Till held me in […]

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‘The Old Masters’ at Washington Stage Guild by Leslie Weisman

We Washingtonians take pride in accomplishment, and in being duly recognized for it. And strongly dislike having our expertise challenged—particularly, publicly. Fortunately, most of us don’t have our reputations riding on being right. Or millions of dollars. Not to mention 400-year-old legacies. But then, most of us do not spend our days in Italian villas, […]

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‘The Two-Character Play’ at Spooky Action Theater by Sydney-Chanele Dawkins

Who doesn’t love a play about the theater? A play-within-a-play, a set-within-a-set, and the juxtaposition of identity and personality between two characters are the primary set up for Tennessee Williams’ enigmatic, The Two-Character Play, currently on stage at Spooky Action Theater and directed by Richard Henrich. To be clear there are four characters in this […]

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L to R: Joe Palka, Brian Mallon, Eric Lucas, David Mitchell and David Bryan Jackson in 'The Seafarer.' Photo by Veronica Hunter.

‘The Seafarer’ at Scena Theatre by Kevin O’Connell

In Conor McPherson’s The Seafarer, Richard Harkin says of his brother, Sharky, “It’s a well-known fact in this whole area that my brother has that rare gift which is, unfortunately, the opposite of whatever the Midas touch was.” Sharky, an alcoholic, can’t hold a job, picks fights he is sure to lose, has had multiple […]

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