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‘Excuse Me’ at Zemfira Stage

Excuse Me is a high-energy, subversive, conspiracy theory-infused, paranoid, mash-up zombie comedy. It is madcap built upon zinger lines such as “don’t make any rational moves.” But, hidden away within, when its over-the-top lunacy slows for a nano-second, are moments when serious issues poke out with a wave of a hand. This Zemfira Stage production […]

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‘Shrek The Musical’ at The Alliance Theatre

Where can you find a combination of a fire-breathing dragon, a dozen fairy tale characters, first-rate singing, dancing, and comedy, an ogre, a princess, a king, and a donkey, plus important life lessons? That’s easy—it’s The Alliance Theatre’s production of Shrek The Musical. This show received seven Tony Awards nominations, and features music by Jeanine […]

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