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PPF 200  by 200 Amadeus Box Through 10-15-16

Meet the Cast and Director of Providence Players’ ‘Amadeus’ Part 4: Debora Crabbe and Bobby Welsh as The Venticelli by Chip Gertzog

Amadeus, the late Peter Shaffer’s Tony Award and Academy Award-winning masterpiece opens this Friday, September 30, 2016 at the James Lee Community Center Theater and kicks off the Providence Players 2016-2017 season. In Part 4 of interviews with the cast and Director of Amadeus, meet Debora Crabbe and Bobby Welsh as The Venticelli. Chip: Please tell our […]

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‘Enter Ophelia, distracted’ at Taffety Punk Theatre Company

The madness and subsequent suicide of Ophelia is one of the most famous scenes from one of the most famous Shakespearean tragedies. It is this aspect of Hamlet that Taffety Punk Theatre Company chooses to explore through movement and sound in their excellent new “Generator” project, Enter Ophelia, distracted. A new work conceived by Taffety […]

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‘Distracted’ at Arcturus Theater Company

When is a boy just being a boy and when does a boy need meds for ADD/ADHD? Arcturus Theater Company’s production of Distracted, from Playwright Lisa Loomer, tackles this question with humor, poignancy, and a creative approach to the theatrical fourth wall. The play opens with Mama (Dana Gattuso) trying to meditate to start her […]

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