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2017 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Tiresias’ Tits’

Tiresias’ Tits is a self-described satirical, surreal, burlesque (fun fact – the author of the ur-source material, The Breasts of Tiresias, Guillaume Apollinaire, is responsible for giving us the word “surrealism”) and it lives up to every single one of those words. Tits was morphed into its present burly-incarnation by Rebecca Rose Vassy, who performs under the name Diva Darling and […]

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Twisted Knickers Burlesque and The Round World Present ‘The Bard and the Beautiful’ and ‘The Bard and ‘The Beautiful Two: Elizabethean Boogaloo’

Oh Mama, Mama what am I to do? I like Shakespeare but I like to shimmy too! It’s ‘Shakespeare with Shake Appeal’ for two nights, Saturday, October 8th in Baltimore and then Sunday, October 9, 2016, in DC as Twisted Knickers and The Round World present The Bard and the Beautiful and The Bard and […]

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2016 Capital Fringe Review: ‘A Midsummer’s Burlesque Dream’

Burlesque Classique’s mission is to reclaim the meaning of burlesque, not as something sleazy and demoralizing as many people assume, but as an energetic and titillating exaggeration of a story. Their newest show, A Midsummer’s Burlesque Dream uses Shakespeare’s famed play as its blueprint, taking the young lovers’ troubles, the fairies’ dispute, and the mechanicals’ […]

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Review: ‘Barenaked Comedy’ at Bier Baron

In the Venn Diagram of your brain on burlesque and your brain on standup, Barenaked Comedy is the intersection. It made for an interesting energy flow at BNC’s first show in their new home, the Bier Baron, as both the burlesquers and the comedians addressed pretty much the same life issues we all deal with […]

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