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Alex Bryce on Playing Ty in Dominion Stage’s ‘Sordid Lives’ by Joel Markowitz

Alex Bryce is giving a powerful performance as Ty Williamson in Dominion Stage’s production of Del Shores’ popular play Sordid Lives. Alex explains how he works ‘side-by-side’ with Shawn g. Byers, who is his ‘voice interpreter.’ Joel: How did you get involved with Dominion Stage’s Sordid Lives? Alex: I first got involved with Dominion Stage in late 2012 when […]

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‘Sordid Lives’ at Dominion Stage by Eliza Anna Falk

Grim times call for comfort and lots of positive distractions. Last night’s performance of Sordid Lives at Dominion Stage was just what the doctor ordered for me and my furloughed friend. A great respite from rainy weather and the sordid politics of today. Three generations of a small town Texan family are coming together for a […]

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Magic Time: ‘The Third Breast’ by John Stoltenberg

The Third Breast is a gritty play, produced by a gutsy company. The three actors are arresting; the music and visuals, appealing. But for some interesting reasons, the challenging script by Polish writer Ireneusz Iredyński (1939–1985) can be an effort for a U.S. audience to comprehend. On the surface the story is a naturalistic drama […]

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The cast of 'The Third Breast.' Photo by Magda Pinkowska.

‘The Third Breast’ at Ambassador Theater by Yvonne French

In Ambassador Theater’s The Third Breast you are transported from an idyllic commune into a militaristic cult. The harrowing journey is the hallmark of thought-provoking theater. It will make you feel what it is like to go from freedom to imprisonment–how it sneaks up slowly, how its grasp is sudden, and how its hold is absolute. […]

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