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Review: ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at The Puppet Co.

The fairytale of Sleeping Beauty is a beloved classic, and what better way to tell the ancient story then through the timeless art of puppetry? The Puppet Co. Playhouse in Glen Echo Park is well-known for their original adaptations and hand-crafted puppets. Their current production of Sleeping Beauty stays true to the tale, while adding […]

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Review: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at The Puppet Company

The Puppet Company presents Beauty and the Beast, with script by Terry Snyder and adapted for the Puppet Co. by Eric Brooks and Ora Fruchter. This production is a winner of a Citation of Excellence from the American Center of the Union Internationale de la Marionette, and has been performed for children and families nationwide. […]

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Review: ‘Len Piper’s Pinocchio’ at The Puppet Company

The Puppet Co. presents Len Piper’s Pinocchio, an adaptation of the classic story of a wooden puppet’s adventurous quest to become a real, live boy! Inspired by the book of Carlo Collodi, script-writer Leonard Piper highlights the original Italian influences in this production with great success. Directed by Allan Stevens, this production is recommended to […]

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‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ at The Puppet Company

The Puppet Co. presents Snow White and the 7 Dwarves, an adaptation of the Grimm’s classic with a mixed cast of actors and rod puppets. Playwright Christopher Piper uses intricately-detailed puppets and animation in this version to keep things interesting, while also celebrating the original plot. Allan Stevens is the director of this production, as […]

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‘The Wizard of Oz’ at The Puppet Co.

Back by popular demand, The Puppet Co. presents The Wizard of Oz, adapted from Frank Oz’s beloved tale with a script and puppets by Christopher Piper, and directed by Allan Stevens. Set and Costume Designer Allan Stevens uses shades of grey in both the set and period costumes for the 1900 Kansas State Fair. A […]

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‘Sleeping Beauty’ at The Puppet Co. by Julia L. Exline

The Puppet Co. Playhouse presents the iconic classic Sleeping Beauty, directed by Allan Stevens and adapted for puppets by Duane T. Bowers. Nestled in the family-friendly Glen Echo Park, The Puppet Co. are masters when it comes to children’s entertainment. The Playhouse is set up to be as welcoming as possible for families; with the […]

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Christopher and MayField Piper, and the 'Beauty and the Beast' marionettes by Terry Snyder. Photo courtesy of The Puppet Co.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ at The Puppet Co. by Julia L. Exline

The Puppet Co. presents Beauty and the Beast, an iconic tale performed in one of its lesser-known original versions, treating the audience with a different perspective in which to view one of their favorite fairy-tale princesses. Allan Stevens directs this beloved production. Terry Snyder designs a deceptively simple set: a trio of purple doors, each […]

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Carole D’Agostino’s “Object Theatre Time!” Photo by Bruce Douglas.

‘Family Day Festival’ and ‘Playhouse Puppetry Slam!’ This Saturday at The Puppet Co. by Erin Gifford

Erin Gifford, Director of Communications and Development of The Puppet Co., tells us about this year’s Playhouse Puppetry Slam! and The Family Day Festival – both happening this Saturday in Glen Echo Park. “On Saturday, April 28th, it’s going to be a busy, busy day at The Puppet Co. In Glen Echo Park, The Family Day Festival will […]

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Witch Wartsmith does all she can to keep the Prince and Rapunzel apart. Photo by Christopher Piper.

‘Rapunzel’ at The Puppet Co. by Julia L. Exline

The Puppet Company Playhouse presents Rapunzel, a re-imagining of the classic fairy tale through the use of puppetry. Directed by Allan Stevens and written by Duane T. Bowers, this adaptation more closely favors the Brother’s Grimm version of the tale, bringing a fresh perspective of the story to a generation that is growing up in […]

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