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Review: ‘The Merchant of Venice’ at Faction of Fools

Audiences can usually expect something distinct, and full of chutzpah, from the folk at DC’s scrappy Faction of Fools theater troupe with its Comedia dell’Arte mission. The recipient of the 2012 Helen Hayes John Aniello Award for Outstanding Emerging Theatre Company, is now taking on Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice with abundantly bold self-confidence. Since even […]

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2016 ‘Page-to-Stage’ Schedule for September 3-5, 2016 at The Kennedy Center

The 15th Annual Page-to-Stage New Play Festival Schedule Saturday, September 3 to Monday, September 5, 2016 PERFORMANCE CALENDAR-UPDATED 8/19/16 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2016 11 AM–12:20 PM ISRAELI LOUNGE Ally Theatre Company: Clover, written by Laura Rocklyn and Ty Hallmark, directed by Ty Hallmark. Gilded Age–era Washington socialite Clover Adams strives to remain calm while coping with […]

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Magic Time! ‘Blood, Sweat & Fears: A Grand Guignol Sick Cabaret’

As the local go-to theater company for carrying on the Grand Guignol tradition, Molotov Theatre Group mounts some of the most interesting combos of style and substance in town. There are a few other small theaters that also specialize in productions reflecting a particular historical theatrical esthetic (Faction of Fools’ inventive custodianship of commedia del’arte […]

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Interviews from London Below: Inside Cohesion Theatre’s ‘Neverwhere’: Part 2: Cori Dioquino

In Part Two of a series of interviews with cast members of Cohesion Theatre Company’s Neverwhere, meet Cori Dioquino. Patricia: Please introduce yourself and tell our readers where they may have seen you on local stages and some roles you have played. Cori: I am Cori Dioquino. I’ve worked throughout Baltimore, Maryland and also D.C. with […]

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Review: ‘The Miser’ at Faction of Fools

Faction of Fools is delightfully back with a well-concocted, refreshing, street-fair fare of Moliere’s The Miser. This happy show is one with a pointed, underscored, right-on-the-surface message about the foibles of the rich and powerful. Under the disciplined direction of Toby Mulford, five actors take on almost a dozen disparate roles, both as masked and […]

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Review: ‘Collaborators’ at Spooky Action Theater

In these days of a re-igniting Cold War between Russia and the United States, those old grainy black-and-white films of a long thought dead dictator, Comrade Joseph “Uncle Joe” Stalin are being dusted off and brought back to animated life for the next few weeks. And, what does that have to do with theater? Easy, […]

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DCMetroTheaterArts’ Best of 2015 #4: Best Plays in Professional Theaters

Here are the DCMetroTheaterArts Staff’s honorees for Best Plays in Professional Theaters in 2015: A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story of Christmas at Olney Theatre Center. A Conversation With the Man Who Killed My Son at Dynamic Wellness. A Man for All Seasons at NextStop Theatre Company. A Very Pointless Holiday Spectacular at Pointless Theatre Company. […]

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‘Pinocchio!’ at Faction of Fools

Italian writer Carlo Collodi’s beloved tale of Pinocchio! has been performed countless times over the past 132 years. Now, Faction of Fools Theatre Company has taken this classic story and adapted it in the Commedia dell’Arte style that they know and do so well. With the use of incredible masks, costumes, puppets, simple props, and the traditional looking marionette […]

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‘Much Ado About Nothing’ at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

In Chesapeake Shakespeare Company’s production of Much Ado About Nothing, there is an endless menu of farce devices, a beautifully carved and textured faux-marble façade (Daniel O’Brien, the technical director’s, contribution) and Scenic Designer Kathryn Kawecki), lavish Edwardian dress (designed by Kristina Lambdin, who even delivers when one gives her military coats a close look at the […]

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UPDATED 6/1/15: Magic Time!: ‘I’m an Improviser by Trade’: A Q&A With Matthew R. Wilson, Director of Faction of Fools’ ‘Our Town’

Updated 6/1/5: Before seeing Faction of Fools’ Commedia dell’arte interpretation of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town in full production (I’d previously seen it in a workshop), I was skeptical whether the show was going to work. That uncertainty had prompted me to want to talk beforehand with Director Matthew R. Wilson (see below). But let’s be honest: What lover […]

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Magic Time!: ‘I’m an Improviser by Trade’: A Q&A With Matthew R. Wilson, Director of Faction of Fools’ ‘Our Town’

It’s kind of a tossup these days whether Matthew R. Wilson is more newsworthy because he’s leaving as artistic director of Faction of Fools, the Commedia dell’arte company he founded, to teach performance at the University of Mississippi—or because he’s giving the Commedia treatment to an unlikely American classic, Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. I do […]

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Young Playwrights’ Theater Presents The 20th Anniversary Festival at Theater J

“Really? A pre-teen wrote this? No way!They did? Wow!” Those were my thoughts as I was drawn into the celebration of “the best of” twenty years of playwriting by elementary and middle school students in the DC metro area through Young Playwrights’ Theater’s classroom-based program. Brought to life by local theater companies, each playwright’s distinctive voice was breathtaking. Over […]

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