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Lar Lubovitch Dance Company at George Mason University’s Center for the Arts by Bev Fleisher

According to Jackson Pollock, “Art isn’t finished until someone sees it.” Similarly, Lar Lubovitch expressed verbally and through choreography that “Dance doesn’t find meaning until the audience observes it.” The audience’s laser focus let not one move go unnoticed. One of the many highlights of yesterday evening’s performance by Lar Lubovitch Dance Company at George […]

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Lar Lubovitch’s 'Little Rhapsodies.' Photo by Nan Melville.

Lar Lubovitch Dance Company at The Kennedy Center by Breena Siegel

Lar Lubovitch displays his work of artful dance at the Kennedy Center for two nights only. He is amongst the brilliant choreographers on the contemporary dance lineup for the 2012 – 2013 season. Lar’s work is bright, alive and distinguished. His choreography teeters between modern and contemporary dance to abstract movement and performance art. But, […]

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