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Fringe Encore Series 2017 Review: ‘Kafka and Son’ at SoHo Playhouse

In November 1919, the 36-year-old Modernist writer Franz Kafka wrote a searing 45-page letter to his domineering father Hermann, dissecting his tyrannical attitude and lifelong emotional abuse. That scathing indictment, which was never delivered to its intended recipient, provided the inspiration for Alon Nashman’s piercing solo show Kafka and Son. The intense one-hour adaptation, co-devised […]

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Review: ‘Report to an Academy’ at Scena Theatre

Scena Theatre opens the company’s 30th Anniversary Season with Report to an Academy, an emotionally powerful drama. Report to an Academy is based on the 1917 classic short story by Franz Kafka. According to the Scena website,” His characters often venture on a terrifying quest enduring physical and psychological torture….McNamara will compel patrons to ponder the issues of free […]

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‘The Trap’ at Ambassador Theater

The gaunt and haunted figure of Franz Kafka obsessed the renowned Polish poet, novelist, and dramatist Tadeusz Różewicz (1921-2014). His two-act play The Trap—part expressionistic, part realistic—poetically thrusts Kafka’s anxieties and nightmares front and center. First published in 1982, The Trap as translated by Adam Czerniawski is now getting its U.S. premiere in an imaginative and fittingly […]

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‘Metamorphosis’ at Alliance for New Music-Theatre

How does one begin a review about a boy turned into a dung beetle? I suppose, just like that. And, no, I’m not giving anything away, unless you have never had even a cursory acquaintance with foreign literature. If you have not….this is a play about a boy who turns into a dung beetle, based […]

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Capital Fringe 2014 Review: ‘Report to An Academy’

(Best of the Capital Fringe) Welcome to Franz Kafka’s bizarre and tortured world, in which the desperate fight for survival turns men into animals and animals into men, and in which, “human freedom is a mockery of a holy Mother Nature.” What could be more bizarre than an ape, who in order to stay alive […]

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‘Metamorphosis’ at Nordic Cool 2013 at The Kennedy Center by Colleen Sproull

Metamorphosis: The transformation from one form to another. This is the core of the thought-provoking dark comedy Metamorphosis written by Franz Kafka. Gregor Samsa (Gísli Örn Gardarsson) wakes one fateful morning to find he has completely changed shape, from a hard working, breadwinning, family-oriented son into a being (seemingly an insect like a cockroach) that […]

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