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Review: ‘Digital Eye: Interactive Event Merging Theater Explores Privacy in the Digital Age’ at Blind Whino SW Arts Club

 Big Brother Really, Really Likes You Your online identity does not belong to you. Digital Eye, a transatlantic theater project that was presented Monday and Tuesday, October 16-17, at Blind Whino SW Arts Club in DC, explores the implications of this fact, in our new, anything-goes, digital universe. Not only is Big Brother watching you, […]

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See Your Stories Made into Theater: Center Stage’s “Wright Now Play Later” Project Starts TODAY

See Your Stories Made Into Theater: Center Stage’s Wright Now Play Later Starts TODAY Today, Monday, October 10, 2016, Center Stage is taking the next step in their ongoing commitment to supporting emerging writers and making theater accessible to the people. They’ve had several seasons of success with their Wright-Right-Now (“WRN”) program – the “micro-commissioning […]

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Review: ‘As You Like It’ at Centerstage

Embarking on a $32 million, year-long renovation project that features major renovations to Centerstage’s two-stage complex while adding a new 99-seat theater, the last two shows of its season are being staged at Towson University’s Center for the Arts where award-winning director Wendy C. Goldberg stylishly revitalizes Shakespeare’s As You Like It, turning the Elizabethan tradition of […]

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